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Feb 14, 2013

Watch Live Asteroid 2012 DA14 Online Video Stream

Earlier we had reported "2012 DA14 To Have A Close Brush With Earth, Closer Than Many Satellites"

Asteroid 2012 DA14 will reach the peak magnitude ~7 on February 15 around 1930 UT and it will be brighter than 9th magnitude for approximately 3 hours (18h00-21h30 UTC). At the moment of the close approach 2012 DA14 will move at ~ 2800"/min (slightly less that 1 degree per minute). This means it will need only 40 seconds to move the apparent diameter of the Moon.

The animated gif below made by Geert Barentsen indicate (green areas) parts of the world where the Asteroid 2012 DA14 will be above (and the Sun below) the horizon during the period of its maximum brigthness (18h00-21h30 UTC of Feb. 15).

Here first clock shows the current UTC time. This is the same as GMT or Greenwich mean time. The second clock shows your local time as reported by your system.

Please calculate the time difference and BOOKMARK the page to watch Asteroid 2012 DA14 Online Video Stream.

Watch Live Stream Asteroid 2012 DA14 : HERE


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  3. we are lucky to have escaped as per the scientists calculations !!! is it the same doom Mayan population was fearing about and the christian dominion discussed about "end"