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Mar 13, 2013

NASA Curiosity Photographed Humanoid Skull On Mars

Mars Humanoid Skull : NASA curiosity rover photographed Prometheus Space Jockey Helmet on Mars

Image Source : NASA

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  1. Replies
    1. Maybe, but it does look like a skull

  2. How many 'rocks' do you think there are in the entire Universe? Maybe, just maybe one happens to look like an 'imaginary' helmet. Some of the stories here recently have been stretching the bounds somewhat!

  3. I believe it. no way we can or ever will be thee only life form in the universe or galexy. we're not on earth

  4. We have 20.0mp cameras and up now and they are taking picture with my Grandmas Polaroid still.What a waist of tax payer money. It's a blobsquatch rock.

  5. It's definitely a skull - looks like a skull of an animal - .::

  6. If you look at it,y'all can see the eye socket and some kind of opening,maybe for a mouth or nose. We don't know what aliens would like,we all just assume but it could be a skull from an alien.

  7. In one of the images showing the crater (, there appears to be something that looks like a tree root coming out of the ground. Whatever it is, I've never seen rock or soil do that. The root like structure can be found to the far upper left side of the border in that image. It's hard to miss once you are looking for it. Does anyone have an idea as to what that is?