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Mar 20, 2013

UFO News : Night Vision Camera Filmed UFO Over Oregon, USA

An object is observed moving from south to north with altitude under 1000 feet.The object is post edited with zoom for the night vision portion and reveals there is separation/space between fore and aft lights and no visible structure associated.

Three types of equipment were attempted to document. The Night Vision Gen 3P, the Hi8 and Celestron spotting scope with nex 5 camera.

Unfortunately the object couldn't be located through the spotting scope before it moves behind the trees. Therefore only the night-vision and Hi8 portions were utilized for the clip.


  1. doesn't seem like an "outer space" UFO to me. why would they need a blinking light like we do for our airplanes?

  2. Wow, i have used NVG's and anyone else that has should know that is easily some type of helicopter. Unless we have aliens nice enough to follow our regulated lighting for aircraft. But the speed and elevation of the craft seems to be in line with any normal police and/or news helicoptor. I mean light coming out of the cockpit, light on the tail rotor, and the red blinking light on the right? Lets explain this further, they are anti collision lights, if he would have gotten the left side of it bet the blinking light would have been green(right/starboard red, back/aft white, left/port green) common running lights with airplanes and even boats... By no account is this even close to a UFO.

  3. The person who stated Helicopter. Could be right. {My} opinion, .... Has anyone else out there noticed, when objects like this are around. The Air Space is completly void of other craft. I know there is a lot of space out there. But, seems strange. Also, Again I say. We have All ready reversed-engineered craft. I think this cold be an expermintal craft. Sent up ,to see reaction of people(s) who may have sighted it. 2013/13/7 1:43 pm

  4. You may want to get a better night vision camera. A clear picture would give more detail and help to identify the object. The constant blinking light does bring to mind any small commercial aircraft as they are required to display them.