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Mar 8, 2013

Yemen : UFO Sighted Over Yemen; Astronomer Says It Is 'Authentic'

A Yemeni photographer captured what he believes was an unidentified flying object (UFO) over the mountains in northern Yemen and a picture he published showed a strange white triangular object streaming through the clouds.

Aseel Badiyan said he was using his camera to take shots of the mountains, nearly 90 km from the capital Sanaa, when the object shot across his lens.

Commenting on the photograph, a well-known Saudi astronomer said he had checked the picture and found that it was authentic.

“I have surfed the internet for similar sightings worldwide and found that the picture I captured is the clearest so far…I believe that those who are behind such objects are advanced people who possess a very intelligent civilization,” Badiyan told Saudi and Yemeni newspapers.

Quoted by the Saudi Arabic language daily Ajel, deputy chairman of the Saudi astronomy association, Sharaf Al Sifyati, said:”There is no doubt that we are not alone in this spacious universe and that there are other creatures which only God knows.”

He added:”When this Yemeni photographer contacted me and showed me that picture, I felt that he was telling the truth..I checked the picture and found that is authentic and does not involve any tricks or tampering….as for that object, I believe it is strange and unfamiliar but I am not sure it is a space object because these phenomena remain a possibility rather than a reality…I think this incident has to be fully investigated.

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  1. I think this photographer has taken a photo of a white dove, or pidgeon, there are too many different shaped UFO's being photograped ??? and i dont think they all look like something that could come through our atmosphere, or supersonic, like this image, sorry, but yes, a UFO.

  2. Thank for for this wonderful GIFT, of this photo to all of us, so I have looked at it on my laptop, and while doing so, the background went into a redish brown, and very slowly, tiny little angels came upon the picture, I was stunned, then I took more pics of the same angle, and more angels came, I believe this picture, is that of the Gods messenger, the "HOLY SPIRIT", I had such a strong feeling (knowing), ...a spiritual knowing, name is Allannah Stanhope, from Toowoomba and light TO ALL...

  3. Hallo . We do not think that this is an ufo. My friend think it to be a tissue box on the desktop in front of the car . And a reflection of this tissue box onto the windshield has been fotographed . Hall and art

  4. I live in southern california U.S.A three days ago we had real strange electric weather I myself kept static shocking things I went outside at 7:00 pm and in the clouds was this exact trianguler shape but it was transparent and It was causing the clouds to part the entire sky was covered in dark gray clouds and in the center of the trianguler shape you can see the stars! Has anyone else ever seen this?