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Apr 19, 2013

Sirius Doucmentary : Atacama Alien Humanoid Creature Survived Post-Birth 6 to 8 Years

Last week, the upcoming documentary film team behind 'Sirius' released an announcement about the scientific study of a DNA sequenced humanoid of unknown classification, known as the 'Atacama Humanoid.'
Dr. Steven Greer and the team behind 'Sirius' are now revealing more details about the results of the scientific studies that are documented in the film.

A DNA sample from bone marrow extracted from the specimen, was prepared, sequenced, and analyzed by a top research scientist at a prestigious American university. For security purposes, 'Sirius' has withheld details on the university and researcher, but will be revealing both along with additional DNA analysis results from the 'Atacama Humanoid' on or before the release of 'Sirius' on the 22nd of April.

Earlier this week, the team has decided to share the following additional 'Atacama Humanoid' conclusive findings: 'Ata' was male and survived post-birth 6 to 8 years.

Speaking specifically to Internet controversy over 'Ata,'..While it's size led many to suggest that it was an aborted fetus, bone density and epiphyseal plate studies have already concluded that this creature survived post-birth 6 to 8 years.

There will be considerably more DNA analysis results information released to the public on 'Ata,' the 'Atacama Humanoid,' as the team is calling him.

In addition to documenting this ongoing scientific study, 'Sirius' explores the subject of UFO and ET visitation, the disclosure of secret UFO files, and the investigation of advanced energy and propulsion technologies extraterrestrial civilizations are using to travel to Earth. Based on an abundance of evidence and credible witness testimony, gathered across two decades by physician and Disclosure Project founder Dr. Steven Greer, 'Sirius' reveals how and why these energy technologies are being suppressed in favor of maintaining the current petrochemical system.

'Sirius' takes the oft-ridiculed or misrepresented subject of UFOs and extraterrestrials and subjects it to an unprecedented level of scientific rigor, as evidenced by the credentials of the scientists behind the study of the 'Atacama Humanoid,' capable of spearheading the ground-breaking scientific revelation of a never-before classified intelligent species.. 


  1. I guess none of us will really know until the 22nd.. So, next Monday we will all find out what's really going on. I hope that Greer proves all us skeptics wrong and presents us with some society shaking information. I won't get my hopes up though.

  2. This is the first I've heard of this research. But I understand many of the issues surrounding UFO's and the assummed surpressed information of alternarive energy the governments may be trying to deny. But I'm very interested in knowing more about this test subject.

  3. my money is on same shit different day...i hope i am proved wrong.

  4. Thanks for sharing this valuable information UFO-Blogger! Let's face it, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. - "Planet earth has been and is being visited by highly evolved intelligent beings that are not from this world." It Is Time For You To Know! - Learn how Sirius Disclosure's UFO, ET, & Advanced Energy Documentary is going to affect YOU! Follow The Sirius Film on Twitter, MySpace, Pinterest & FB @TheSiriusFilm

  5. UFO disclosure Apr. 29

  6. Theres alot of stuff we dont hearing the air force is haveing dog fights with allmost more then they can handle.....the time of discloser is drawing near"...

  7. All we have are bits and pieces and a lot of theories that we can't be sure off, i m sure there are some truth mixed with lots of made up lies .

    Lets be real here, I could have the best HD cam out there and film ufo and aliens dancing for me, come home and have dinner at my house or what ever , they will find a way to poke holes into what ever video or photographic evidence i have because they can.

    Dr greer is right about one thing, this is about power and control the guys on top will do anything they can to stay in control and keep the trillions flowing there way.

    I wish there will come a time when all the citizens of the world reject this pyramid governments scheme going on and demand better. There are enough resources for every one in this world to live, no one should be starving without shelter and dying of illness that can be cured.

    I think we as humans have not reached that moral level yet, maybe aliens tried in the past to get us there and thats how alot of the religions came about , or maybe the religions are right this is about good and evil and some of those aliens are demons and angels .

    I personally like the theory that this is hell , we die and we reborn and reborn and reborn as prisoners for the old empire lol

  8. is this document free to watch after it's released? I think it should be, because people from all over world has put money into it.

  9. “This preliminary report demonstrates how currently available biomedical technologies
    can be readily applied to the analysis of archeologically and anthropologically relevant
    human specimens with genetic disorders of unknown origin. This report is not a formal
    conclusion on the nature of the mutations or the underlying cause of the disorder in this
    human specimen." Dr.Nolan

  10. If this was a serious report on alien life and with back-up of said alien life then it should be free for the world but it is not, so it seems to me that this is a money making scam with false promises. I would be very weary of Dr. Greer and his associates in relation to any of this. Sounds like a big money grab in my opinion and we will be as usual all left with no answers in the end.

  11. 12:47 post - seems like if they are saying the bone density and marrow is consistent with a 6-8 year old 'being' then how can they say this is a mutated human if it's only 6 inches tall? We have no other examples, that I've heard of, of a 6 year old that is only 6 inches tall. Or do we?

  12. scientists knows best about this alien thing.... if ever this creatures exist the world have the right to know so that whatever future ahead of us we are ready.....

  13. It could have human DNA and still be one of them. Look at the abduction stories talking about be abducted and having genetic samples being taken from the victims and the experiments being done on them . Also they talk about seeing hybrids of some kind. It matches some of the descriptions of the small greys. It could be a result of a genetic program.

  14. I watched the documentary last night on NETFLIX and found it very interesting. I think it is very selfish of our species to think we are the only ones inhabiting this vast universe. Its hard for the majority of the human race to wrap their minds around such things as what was presented by others that have first hand experience or open minded enough to except that all the evidence presented is less than true. I do BELIEVE....