May 26, 2013

Fresno UFO 2013 : UFO Hovers For Hours Over California

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On May 15, 2013 several Fresno residents reported seeing a bright, spherical-shaped object in the sky. The low-hovering object remained visible for hours.

We reached out to the Federal Aviation Administration, the Fresno Air Terminal and the Army National Guard Wednesday afternoon. The agencies could not provide an explanation for the object.

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  1. The photo looks like either a parachute or a hot-air balloon with the sun glare on its left side. The small black dot in the middle is either the person or the basket, my money is on a basket and hot air balloon because the black dot looks square.

    1. Are you Troll bot or what ? Did you even watched the full video prior to making your above statement?

      News channel weather guy on the news said the wind was blowing too hard for something simply floating to be stationary for so long.

    2. Hahaha you are hilarious. Tell me what balloon can stay motionless for 4 hours in high winds without power to keep it still. Even then the balloon would wobble about and everybody would of seen that.

    3. "Are you troll bot" bahaha that was hilarious!!

  2. Seriously though, it's not a balloon, the winds were at 70mph at 30,000 feet and it wouldn't have remained stationary. It was an orb or a ship of some sort. If it was high enough it could have well been a mother ship .

  3. They give you just enough to keep you stringing along.

  4. What a surprise. The video disappeared. ..

  5. Ive Been researching this thing for a few hours now I do understand the high winds. but what I have come up with is this. back in 2007 they were testing something similar to this in wind tunnels under an nassa contract to come up with something to help landings in Mars atmosphere. I can't tell you that's what this is but it does look similar. the high winds get me to rethink this idea though. believe me I want to believe as much as someone else this is from a different dimension or somewhere else, but there's something terrestrial looking about it. compare parachutes and other items along with weather balloons and use a little new technology from our planet who knows maybe you got some kind of a drone parachute science experiment. or Its A biological creature in the sky. I have personally seen the jellyfish looking UFOs in a clear blue sky above my pool at 500 feet. if there were clouds in the sky I wouldn't have noticed it. it look like a biological creature in the sky. but I have to say it had to be under intelligent control because when my wife spotted it and I looked up at it it took off to the NE sky. but I even concluded that wasn't alien. I pictured some young military young adults spying on pool areas with women in bikinis, then when we spotted them boom they took off just like a kid who was spotted peeping at women. again I'd like to believe it was aliens and it very well may have been but I also have to consider back in the 30's 40's the military compound used Albert Einstein and Nicolas Tesla along with other brilliant individuals all human Theory on anti gravity and free energy along with maybe some reverse engineering or maybe not. I do believe in dimensional beings not alien BEings from this dimension. there is a difference dimensional beings would be right here with us and yes they would use technology and probably far more advanced. my belief though stems from my philosophical beliefs that there are two groups the negative and a positive Group and the negative group is coming into thIs dimensions communicating with the military compound and certain group and power in education religion monetary science and governmental twisting and moving society In away that would set them Up for a final conflict using human beings in there war with the positive dimensional beings. if you really want to look for it you'll find it in most cultures beliefs including Muslims Christians and Jews and Chinese history.

  6. I have been living in fresno for a about three to four years now and have had three of my very own unexplainable sightings in the sky.two at night and once just this afternoon.