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May 11, 2013

NASA UFO - Astronaut Photographed UFO

Mission: ISS007 Roll: E Frame: 16252 Mission ID on the Film or image: ISS007

To enlarge the image double click on image .
Source : NASA


  1. I think if i remember corectly there was simillar beams from project blue book or blue beam ... Anyway its awesome to see it again :) And theyre exacly the same like the old ones :)

  2. i think i see another beam! if anyone sees it let me know, i dont want to say which spot on pic to see if anyone else sees it

  3. Looks a bit like a laser pointer its even red?

  4. Can someone tell me what would a laser like this be used for, serious question.

  5. The first one is definitely a speck on the window or something like that. The planet is tack sharp, all the way into the distance where the 'UFO' is. Yet, the UFO is blurry which suggests it's somewhere close to the camera lens rather than very far away. Second one looks like some kind of image artifact.

    I'm a strong believer in the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials but that doesn't mean we should be all gullible and thing every anomaly on a photo is an UFO. These surely are not.

  6. Sorry everyone but the read dot with the line is a dead pixel on the camera, ive got a nikon d70 with exactly the same problem, had to photoshop it out of every image until i got a new camera.

  7. Zoom in and you ll see 3 red dots is a triangle formation

    1. Yeah and theres also at least 4 other dots to the left so you just proved that the second picture was just a bunch of stars, not UFO's.

  8. well from experience, I personally like to be in the shoulder pocket about to go hella gnarrrd then you just push down and b-( best day ever