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Jun 15, 2013

Alien Abductee Reports Mass Abduction In Pleasantville, New Jersy, USA

A witness in New Jersey has suggested that mass abduction by manipulative extraterrestrials have been occurring in the region. 

The witness talks about possible communication with alien beings on 20 May, 2013 at 12:00 AM. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), published on 22 May, 2013.

The witness tells us that he has always been sceptical about aliens and then he describes what he saw.

“I’ve always been a skeptic of aliens and UFOs, up until two nights ago, and I feel lost and confused, that’s why I am here. I would like to start off by telling you that about 3 weeks ago I saw an unidentified flying object that looked like a fireball in the sky.”

The witness describes how he was abducted by aliens and found himself tied in a metal bed.

“Two nights ago as I was about to go to sleep I saw something in my room through my peripheral vision. I don’t remember going to sleep, but I do remember waking up in a metal room and I was lying on a metal bed and I was restrained.”

The witness describes how he found that many other people, along with his sister, were also lying unconsciousness on metal beds.

‘ I struggled to turn my head and I saw many people lying in these metal beds just like mine and I focused on one in particular which I realized was my sister, it seemed that everyone was in some state of unconsciousness.”

The witness describes his reaction to the situation.

“At that point I realized that something was very wrong and I was conscious of the scary situation I was in. I started to panic and tried to free myself.”

The witness talks about being surrounded by aliens.

“At that point I realized that I was surrounded by short beings, they were grayish in color and seemed oblivious to the fact that I was trying to fight my way out of the restraints.”

He describes how another, taller being, appeared out of nowhere.

“Suddenly out of nowhere came a bright light and another being appeared, this one was taller and had a more oval shaped head with indentations in it and it was almost tan in color.”

The witness further describes how this alien communicated with him and told him about how they were looking into our DNA.

‘It communicated with me telepathically and I asked it what it was doing to us and it said "We are looking at your DNA."( Same thing had been told to me during mine abduction, when i resist and told them they can't abduct me against my free will  - Author) I asked it why it was doing this to us and it replied "All humans have alien DNA, but not all humans have the same alien DNA.”

The alien informed the witness that they come from Sirius.

“I asked it where they were from and it said "We come from Sirius" and it also told me that they have been coming to me for a long time.”

The witness finally tells us that the alien disappeared and he found himself in his bed.

”At that point it disappeared and my fear returned and I started screaming from the top of my lungs, the next thing I remember is jumping up from my bed screaming waking up everyone in the house. I haven’t slept for 2 nights now”.

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  1. Great way of mixing up the movie "Fire in the Sky" and the TV mini-series "TAKEN" and throwing in an imaginative splash of short grey telepathic Aliens from Sirius.

    And the part about all humans have alien DNA just each race has different alien DNA (of which there are 3 types of human DNA, easily spotted and identified through looking at language use on Earth *****)...and all of that info is readily available to UFOlogists.

    Sorry, I believe all the info..and have read many thousands of abduction cases...This one reads too much like too many movies spliced together, with "cool-sounding" yet misleading info added into the mix (e.g. short greys from Sirius??)

    (side note info) ***** Language use on Earth, there are 3 main types of Language, all other languages are related to each of them...All languages that use the western alphabet (the symbols used to form words) are of the same DNA (by heritage). All those whom use the middle-eastern way of writing, which would be Israel and countries like Iran and Iraq...are of the same DNA, and the same again for all Asian countries that use the calligraphy art China, Japan etc again are all of the same DNA. (hehe sorry, I research Earths real history, not the ones written by academics, university/college historians or the victors of events long since past, as Winston Churchill said "History was written by it's Victors")

    You don't have to look at languages and writing styles for very long to see what I'm talking about. I'd go more into detail, however all of this is easily researched, however it's quite taboo...especially when you say the Jewish and mid-eastern Muslims are all the same race of people at the DNA level. ;) Gotta keep life interesting hey!

    However, I don't think the guy who thinks he was abducted was actually abducted....true abductees generally have a lot more to say about it. Even those who only remember snippets/bits n pieces...and they're forever explaining how it made them feel. This guy just said it was scary...but he could've easily read a few other peoples and wanted the attention for himself...who knows, there's enough people who want that popularity or recognition.

    I've just read a lot more credible abductions in my don't need to be an amazing writer. But something smells wrong with this.

    1. I was there, and believe me if I can take back ever speaking to MUFON I would. Everything said is FACT. I have no reason to lie. In addition your approval as for anyone else who doesn't believe is not needed. I know what happened.

  2. please contact me I been spotting UFO'S around here in Passaic n Paterson NEW JERSEY shit is serious I wanna get abducted so I can have some words with aliens, there is a lot 2 do maybe we can do something with the aliens from outer space to get government bastards to talk about them more. team work wont hurt at all we need to get the truth out n maybe we cud get some type of help... you should bring up those subjects 2 the aliens if u ever get abducted again

    1. For what? So you can tell a story no one will believe?

  3. I've always wanted to meet/see an alien but certainly not in this condition.

  4. I think that I experienced an encounter aswell. Last weekend i was camping with some friends and we were drinking beer around the fire. After about a dozen or so i left the fire for some reason that is beyond me. I heard this whisping/ swooshing sound that immediately was followed by a strong sense of relaxation and love. Then i saw i bright flash of light, looked down and saw a little bald grey alien coming out of the zipper of my jeans and heard the laughing of my friends as the flashed pictures of me wizzing on the side of my tent. I blacked out after that and have no memory untill the morning. I only remember fragments of that night.

  5. I wuz wanting 2 meet an aliens cuz they be like cool n stuff.

  6. People are so silly when they have not had an experience and make light of the situation but once you have an experience it will no longer be a laughing matter. I have had plenty of paranormal and unexplained experiences in my lifetime but on May 20,2013 around 2:00 p.m. in Oakland,Ca. I received an affirmation that Grey aliens are real.
    I was in my backyard and had finished smoking a joint( I include this information for the naysayers but no self-induced high, imagination, thought or dream could manifest such a reality. I was about to go back inside when I felt the urge to thank the universe for such a beautiful day and wonderful life. For some inexplicable reason I decided to turn around and touch the brick wall behind me. I turned around in a 45 degree angle with my eyes closed like a blind person feeling his way. I was surprised to see (with eyes closed) my hands on the brick wall. Suddenly the face and head of a strange bearded black man came into view and floated off to my right. Immediately entering on my right were two then three lights floating(or so I thought)into view which became skulls which became three full bodied aliens standing in front of me. They were probably 3, 4 and 5 feet tall when they moved they were either floating or walking together. Then to my left came a bunch of the same beings moving very swiftly making me think of a medical team preparing for the operating room. The place seemed to be maybe a dark room but they themselves were illuminated from within(it was kind of like looking at an x-ray in 3D) which gave them the greyish appearance. Then one being raised his head and seemed to be sitting in front of me, maybe studying me but to my left was an all white(not white flesh) being with the long arms and a white mist flowing from me to it. It was staring at me as if to keep me calm or maybe about to communicate with me. The long stair was getting to creepy as I could not determine if something good or bad was about to happen. I had to break contact and opened my eyes. Two nights later I was on my cell phone telling one of my cousins about my experience when our conversation was interrupted by some very loud and strange sounds, I tried to talk over it but to no avail, the sounds continued for a brief moment then the phone went dead. I tried to call my cousin back but the phone went beserk, pulling up apps and then running through my address book and stopped at the name of one of my friends who also believes in UFOlogy and dialed his telelpone number I was mortified because it was 11:00 at night and he answered in a sleepy tone, I felt embarrassed and told him that I misdialed and apologized but called him the next morning to explain what happened. After another few attempts I reconnected with my cousin who said he too tried to overtalk the sound but could no longer hear me. We both agreed that the sound was not some kind of electronic sound. I determined that because there was two distinct tones it had to be two entities communicating with each other. We continued our conversation with no further interruption. I have always checked out websites for recent UFO activity but after this experience I typed in "I saw some Grey aliens" and "Show me some Grey aliens" in doing so and reading various links I find that my experience is not unique(it is only unique to each individual). There is so much information available that it is ridiculous to think that people should remain quiet about all that is occurring on planet earth.

  7. It would have been better if it had been an LSD trip, then I could say "hey let me tell you about this crazy trip I had while on LSD, unfortunately that is not the case. I would prefer that these alien beings would knock on the door or ring the doorbell( a little notice before they drop in) but obviously they are either interdimensional or have other capabilities that do not limit them to our mode of operation.

  8. Wow that was a really odd contact experience that the grey made with you.
    Thank 4 the story/
    I have also seen the skeleton/skull faced beings on three occasions, each encounter they purposefully tried 2 scare us .
    I never understood why they chose to frighten my family when we were children,but I was NOT ALONE in 2 of the creepy encounters. That phrase that you used 2 describe the beings is the best description that i have ever read. I agree they looked like x-rays but in 3D. I have been searching for someone who has seen the skull face beings& this event that you had reminds me of the situations we encountered out in the Piney woods of La.The last odd being that we saw made me very angry, because they tried 2 scare me &the younger children I was taking care of-I wonder if the ugly visitors are only trying 2 scare people so they can feed off their fears&the chemistry humans create when they are pumping adrenaline. /I just learned 2 call out 2 JESUS when I need him& he always sends help.GOOD Luck I hope you find the answers you seek,God Bless/


  9. "‘It communicated with me telepathically and I asked it what it was doing to us and it said "We are looking at your DNA."( Same thing had been told to me during mine abduction, when i resist and told them they can't abduct me against my free will - Author) I asked it why it was doing this to us and it replied "All humans have alien DNA, but not all humans have the same alien DNA.”

    why would an alien even use the word alien?

    1. because they're clearly intelligent enough to communicate in words we can understand. I'm sure they know we call them aliens. Like they're really going to abduct you and be like "ok, i just wanted to sit you down and let you know i really take offense in the term "alien" we preferred to be called "..." ". That's just ridiculous. Lucky the aliens are even telepathically communicating with the people they abduct in the first place!

  10. Have noticed that just about everyone thinks in the terms of what we know to be fact.
    That is why no one comes up with solid proof. Think out of the box and assume they are around us at all times.

  11. I do not know why anyone would think it was cool. At 5 seeing one in an abandoned house while playing in the bushes by their windows (made a great fort) and being so scared you stopped playing together outside all together. Or then at 13 waking up to see something staring at you in a doorway, throwing the blanket over your head while scared, confused, crying .finally get the courage to take the blanket off your head and it is 4-5 hours later in what felt like minutes. Or going downstairs at 28 for a drink of water in the middle of the night before bed and seeing one standing in your living room then all of a sudden it is a whole new day and you have no idea how you got back into your room. Fun...let me tell you. Oh or now having dead bolds on your bedroom and closet door which makes everyone think you are insane so you do not see one in your doorway. Always a feeling of being watched, intense fear to even use the bathroom at night or go downstairs for a snack. The type of fear that makes your throat close up and twitch on you. Dread flowing through your body for no reason. Or if someone walks into the room while you are asleep you startle so severely you scream and try to curl into a ball on your headboard. Then you get to the point that you want to stay awake at night so you can defend yourself if it does show up. I have no memory of being taken or any alien testimony of what they say about why they take people. I have not tried hypnosis because I am terrified to hear what I already know deep inside. I work in a highly professional field, am a loving wife and a mother. I am a very passive, quiet, shy human being who has to keep this secret from everyone I know besides my husband. It is not fun, it is not cool, it is a nightmare. To add to that nightmare- 3 year old twins who draw alien heads with piercing black eyes on everything...even their bedroom walls. Saying it is in their room at night running to my room to sleep in my bed. I ask what happened and my boy twin claims they push something into his head and cut his chest 3 times and holds up 4 fingers, his twin sister says they are small like her and they don't talk with their mouths. Being too scared to check their room and say nothing is there like a normal human being. I do not watch alien shows with them, they do not watch tv, I have no books. Yet they can draw the exact thing I have seen multiple times and I have no idea where they saw it so I have no choice but to believe them. The best part of all this is talking to doctors looking for a medical explanation for hallucinations, or having brain scans done to be checked for schizophrenia because I rather have that than any of this to be true. Nothing was found, no explanation...just fear. Or going to therapy to try to cope with thinking I am crazy because only crazy people see aliens. I said it before, I will say it again. It is not fun. It is not cool. It is not entertaining to wonder why me.

    1. im sorry I want to delet that comment.. I am internet dumb and did not know that I was not on the front page. I thought most of the comments were old so the site myst be dead.