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Jun 26, 2013

King Of Morocco Asked U.S. For Information On UFO : Wikileaks

Earlier we had reported about wikileaks cable "We Know There Is Life On Other Planets Says Afghanistan Parliament Chairman : Wikileaks"

Now in latest development according to another wikileaks cables Morocco king asked US for information on UFO sighting. 

According to cable, the times of the sightings varied from 0100 to 0200 hours on the morning of 19 September, 1975, with the majority of them occurring between 0100 and 0130 hours.

Sightings were reported from agadir, kalaa-sraghna, essaouira, casablanca, rabat, kenitra, meknes and the fez region.There was general agreement that the ufo was proceeding on an approximately south to north course,generally parallel to the moroccan atlantic coast, at at estimated altitude of 1,000 meters, and that there was absolutely no sound from the UFO.

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  1. To All that have sensitive info on UFO'S & ALIENS and can blow the whistle on the biggest secret , this is the perfect time to do so , you will go down in history as the biggest hero that changed the world. Once this is out they wont be able to touch you .

    The new generation is ready for this.

    This is the time.

    Do it

    1. I agree, but its finding the person who has enough information(and balls) and who doesn't seem like a loony. If someone like me (maybe you) came forward with a shed load of info we'd be laughed at and told to stop being stupid. Some Humans can't and will not accept that there are higher beings that could crush us like ants because it scares them. Its about time we bite the bullet and accept this, who knows they might help us, they might inslave us but tbh I'd rather be inslaved by aliens than a government thats ment to 'protect us'.

    2. Have been waiting many years for disclosure,and feel that something big will happen soon. And it's about fracking time

  2. It's the US, ha!

  3. Greetings, I've come forward and spoken of things hidden... I've also given hints, as to where it all leads... Yet, to naught. You read, yet, do not assimilate... So let me reiterate for you as follows..

    1) When I state that Humanity's cosmos adventure is akin to an insect having just made an eclosion from its pupal case, then it is to be taken quite literally so. An outlying reality, to this Planet's very own, awaits discovery: This reality shall forever change the course of the history of this here World and leading Species.
    Your Species is just in the midst of awakening to the outlying realities of the Multiverses.
    2) My Silence doesn't equate to My-Self having nothing to say, or anything of the like... You beg for disclosure and exposure to the truth, yet, are reticent to believe it when it presents itself... You ask for proofs of verity and other 'Unbelieving Thomas' equivalents... Yet, You do not pay heed to what is spoken and imparted upon You; in plain sight and openly, for all to ponder upon and understand...
    3) Know so: The rings of the Planet Saturn are being mined and have been so for th past 2300 Earth-Years. Titan has a population of EBEs living on it. As does this very Planet Earth's Moon.
    Other locations include Antarctica, Hessdalen/Norway, Popocatepetl/Mexico city/Mexico, Lake Erie/USA (other government held EBE locations not included), Adam's Calendar/South Africa: The first amongst all pyramids to have been erected is buried beneath a Township...) Mount Tingbama/Sierra-Leone and the whole of Western Africa; including the Mali. Lago de Como/Italy; Lima/Peru. EBEs walk amongst Humanity in Canada, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Germany, Japan, South and North Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Venezuela, etc, as well as within the boundaries of the USA...
    4) Those that were awaited are here...
    5) Your World, the Biosphere as is, is a patent belonging to those that watch over You and have done so for aeons past..
    6) Ask yourselves about the origins of Currencies... Currencies were devised so as to enable for precious materials to remain in the hands of the few; Alien interests and presences first, afore Humans.
    Bauxite, Diamonds, Gold, Columbite-Tantalite, which when refined is used in palm-size cellphones and giant turbines; Cassiterite, an important source of the tin used in coffee cans and circuit boards; Wolframite, used to produce tungsten for light bulbs and machine tools; Platinum, etc, amongst others are all coveted by Alien presences as well and it always was as such, way afore Humans entered the fray.
    7) Upon perusal of some of your fictional assessments of encounters with EBEs; Films, Books, Accounts, etc,. it has come to Our understanding that You believe Yourselves to be inherently, yet erroneously, Good and Just. Question that remains unanswered, being; is 'naïveté' to be deemed as pardonable, or not'(?)...
    ∞) Despite all your frustrations, on subject matter of your immediate need for 'Offenbarung', please do note that planetary disclosure rate is at an optimal. (as per pre-existing charts pertaining to disclosure on other Worlds.) Ne'er to worry, It shall come to transpire afore you know so...
    Be Well, Penumbra #1
    9) There's a federation of stars and alliances that await Humanity... Or not. It depends upon the verdict; To be, or not to be; I think, therefore i am; however dismal and simplistic, Descartes need be quoted...
    Be Well,
    Penumbra # 1

    1. No idea what you smoke Penumbra, but I could use a sample.

    2. dude talks like he is an "alien". Hilarious. I'm glad someone is still reading and living SCI FI. For all of you concerned about disclosure, alien civilization here and abroad. You all should be much more concerned about humanity and how we cannot even get along with each other living on the same block let along other countries etc. How we are destroying the lovely blessing of a rock we live on. Learn to get passed our "own" differences and short comings before we try to take on what is beyond our reach. I know there is life on other planets, I also believe they have been coming here for a very long time, and doing what they want. Just take a look at the news and what us "humans" like to spend our precious time doing. Watching make believe daily on the black box, or living alternate lives on the other black box called the cpu. Adults, killing children, Children killing children, this world is full of sadness and suffering, instead of pooling all resources and technology to make the world a better place for all, they funnel all wealth into the military complex creating a circle of death and suffering. well everyone knows how it goes, biggest question, what can we do to reverse this madness?

  4. Greetings,

    The following was posted herein by Our auspices, and is still to be deemed as a pending situation that need be addressed:

    If the situation twixt Ankara and Damascus escalates, expect Alien activity and sightings in both countries.

    It is high time Nations on Earth unite. That is part and parcel of what is entailed in the admonishment to Mortalkind to prepare itself.

    A new consciousness is developing which sees the Earth as a single organism and recognizes that an organism at war with itself is doomed.
    - Carl Sagan -

    The above stated is the crux of Mortalkind's problem hither on this Orb and also the worry of those on Mortalkind's side. Those not on your side aren't worried and are even in favour of helping you annihilate yourselves, I'm sorry to have to state.
    In light of this dire predicament for the Species, it is asked of Mankind that Intelligence and Goodwill amongst Mortals prevail.

    This is not a time for acts of aggressions, wars, etcetera. Remember; Mortalkind is being gauged. Be dignified and act with Graceful Intelligence and Empathy. Unite; because Your Species may soon be summoned to act as one. Pending events are just around the corner.

    If the People on this Planet really knew, they would do exactly that, namely; Unite.

    Be Well.

    Penumbra # 1

  5. hi penumbra, I agree with a lot of what you say makes a lot of sense, but you cannot judge a people by a few, if you look trough why people are what they are you of all should know that it is the corrupt leader ship of this world not the people of this world as a whole that is wrong, we the people don't even really think get a vote even though they want us to think we do. so in short if you are who you say you are you should know this , you are judging a book by its cover not a wise thing to do. You have yet to convince me you are who you would like us to believe you are. your wisdom does not traovel far maybe you knowledge does but knowledge without wisdom is very dangerous another thing you should know. sorry to dump on you, now convince me of who you are.

  6. “Would you like to save the world from the degradation and destruction it seems destined for? Then step away from shallow mass movements and quietly go to work on your own self-awareness. If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.”