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Jun 30, 2013

US Government Officials To Release New UFO Information In Greensboro Coliseum Symposium

As a young child, Kent Senter believed there could be life on other planets.

Senter, from Burlington, said he had his first sighting as a young child and his most “life changing” in Durham in 1985.

The curiosity of what is in outer space still resides with him today.

Senter has organized a conference that will bring research backed by college professors, retired military officers and government officials to the War Memorial Auditorium in Greensboro.

Senter said the governments of Chile, France and Belgium recognized the existence of UFOs. However, Senter feels the U.S. has yet to get on board.

“This is something to help people go through what I feel like I’ve gone through all my life,” Senter said.

The Symposium on Official & Scientific Investigations of UAP (UFOs) will take place at the War Memorial Auditorium in the Greensboro Coliseum Complex on Saturday and Sunday.

It will include speeches by government officials, scientists, astrophysicists, and military personnel throughout the weekend.


  1. I think that I experienced an encounter aswell. Last weekend i was camping with some friends and we were drinking beer around the fire. After about a dozen or so i left the fire for some reason that is beyond me. I heard this whisping/ swooshing sound that immediately was followed by a strong sense of relaxation and love. Then i saw i bright flash of light, looked down and saw a little bald grey alien coming out of the zipper of my jeans and heard the laughing of my friends as the flashed pictures of me wizzing on the side of my tent. I blacked out after that and have no memory untill the morning. I only remember fragments of that night.

  2. So, what's the outcome?