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Jul 6, 2013

4th of July : UFO Sighted Over Antioch, IL USA

According to eyewitness and Filmer "As it was getting darker and the Lakes Community Marching band was finishing their numbers, which you can hear in the background, as I looked behind me I saw a procession of reddish orange dots and new right away they were some cool looking UFO's. 

I intended to get firework footage which I got and will upload soon, but haven't busted out my camera in forever and as soon as I do I catch something awesome like this. Enjoy and share it's a wonderfully mysterious journey out there my friends! Happy 4th of July!"


  1. I was in Huntley/Algonquin area and got video of these same "lights". No sound, perfect formation, very weird. Almost the exact same video as well.

  2. We saw a bunch of the same type of red ufos at the 4th of July (2013) fireworks at Bellingham Bay in WA as well a larger one with 2 white lights with a red one in the middle. Probably 20 or so total.