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Jul 12, 2013

I Saw A UFO, While Driving In Glendale, California : Ryan Adams

Last night around 11 P.M. PT, Ryan Adams tweets about spotting a UFO.
Adams claim he didn't see a blip of something for a fleeting moment. And according to his Twitter, he wasn't the only one. Adams claims he spotted a "huge" object while driving his car in Glendale, CA, a place with a history of UFO sightings. Furthermore, Adams tweeted the object was hotly pursued by police cars as well as helicopters.

"Three cops were tearing ass in its direction in oncoming traffic. Thing was huge. If it was a blimp then that was a f-cked up blimp," tweeted Adams. "Whatever I saw was like a real sci fi film come to life."

Adams said "cars were slowing down to a stall to look at this thing.

Even if many are skeptical, Kacey Musgraves tweeted her support for his story. The burgeoning country songstress said she's "had a couple UFO sightings myself, no joke. Both were incredible."


  1. And then the mainstream media wave its hand over your face and say "Nothing to see here, go back to sleep, slave."

  2. I seen ine last night 8:45PM GLENDALE. This thing was Red moving slow the stopped moving for a couple of seconds. I ran inside to get my phone. I was closing a gate to my home with my son. My cousin sent me a message saying he saw a UFO it seems we saw the same one at the same time.

  3. Wow, now I know I'm not going crazy. My girlfriend and I saw it close up in broad daylight. It was amazing and scary at the same time...we vowed yo keep it to ourselves, but I can't get it out of my mind!!
    . I've seen objects before, but never that close or in the middle of the day.
    . I drew a picture of it and understand some of the components...like the bridge and viewing portals. Plus I saw a service panel. It shimmered like gold and had four corners instead of three. There were lights on each corner; blue, white, red and amber.
    . It hovered, but it didn't make any noise or disturbed any trees it hid behind.
    . I started to rum across the street to get close and personal, but traffic wouldn't allow me...
    . It took off as soon as my girlfriend got her camera ready, rolled away and I thought about it ever since!!

  4. Fantastic! 1976 myself two friends and mom saw in front of glendale comm colkege. Evening, cars stopped, no sound and only 400 feet or so up. Size of a small apartment with colored kights fluckering ari und the sides and saucer shaped. I was 13 now 55 and remember it like yesterday.

  5. 1976 remember it like yesterday. In front of the college in daylight!