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Aug 8, 2013

Daytime UFO Photographed By Cyclists In Senhor Do Bonfim, Brazil

Down below amazing UFO was photographed in deep mountains of Senhor Do Bonfim, Brazil on April 14, 2013.

UFO was seen in the Serra do Gado Bravo by two cyclists and many others in the area.

The Serra do Gado Bravo is an extension of the Chapada Diamantina mountain range with in the municipality of Senhor do Bonfim.

UFO photographs were taken by Raymond Pool and Igor Geovani while participating in a mountain bike competition.

According to witnesses the UFO suddenly appeared and caused a big surprise to them. It was slightly noisy like a sewing machine when they seen it coming out of the forest said Raymond Pool.

Raimundo saw and shouted for the camera, I was scared, I thought about the race, but endured the fear and took some pictures said Igor Geovane

According to the two friends, UFO was seen around 3:30 PM and stayed for about 15 minutes in the air, and all the sudden disappeared. When asked about the size of the ship, they said, " it was about car size."

Brazilian News Report:

In May two more eyewitness come forward claiming they also saw the UFO read more


  1. Down below is News report translation:

    Man Anchor: Pay attention now in this story. In Senhor do Bonfim, 370km from Salvador homeowners say that flying saucers are appearing

    Woman anchor: We went to the city and talked to people that swears they saw the flying saucer and a ufologist, which is someone that studies this kind of phenomena. Does he thinks that the story is true? You will get surprised with the answer, watch.
    (cut to reporter in the streets)

    Reporter: In the streets there's nothing else people talk but...
    (cut to woman in black and white)

    Woman: The ET's(laugh). People talk only about this, and they want us to believe it.
    (cut to bar with red chairs)

    Reporter: The buzz started after these photos(cut to photos of the flying saucer) taken by a homeowner in the region, ended up on the internet. So, you know, in a small town the news spread fast, the subject is in all talking groups and even in the radio
    (cut to radio station)

    Radio host: One of the subjects that is catching the attention on all the region, is the case of the extra-terrestrial ship that appeared in the region of Gado Bravo here in the region of Senhor do Bonfim

    (cut to streets)

    Reporter: There are some that doubt it...

    Woman with purple umbrella: I think its not true, I don't believe in these things

    Man in motorcycle helmet: They gotta be kidding, I never saw that.

    Reporter: But there are some that guarantee:

    Old black woman: I've seen it, the craft and everything.

    (cut to street with cars passing by)

    Reporter: The subject on the four corners of the town, began in the country area.

    (cut to reporter in black, with muddy road behind)

    Reporter: This is the area where all this story begun, its Serra of Gado Bravo(note: literally it means Ridge of the Wild Cattle), we can only get until this point, because it rained too much the last days and the access to the place became nearly impossible. This ridge of Gado Bravo, its very frequented by bicycle riders that come to here to run in the tracks and it was in one of these tracks that these two men here(cut to the two men, one in black t-shirt the other in red t-shirt) Mr. Raimundo and Igor, saw and photographed an object at least very strange, right Mr Raimundo:

    Mr. Raimundo(in red with red cap): Sure, we came here to make the marking of the course(behind sketches of the situation he describes). When stood up, I was holding the bag of CaL(note: white powder used to make marks, like the one marking the lines of a soccer field), I looked back and heard a noise. It sounded like a sewing machine then the ship was levitating about 3 meters above the trees. Then I yelled "Igor, there, take pictures" he hide behind a tree foked, and took the first picture

    (cut to Igor, in the muddy road again): I got scared when I saw it the first time. The object was a very beautyfull silver color.

    Reporter: To try to solve the mistery, we shown the pictures to this ufologist

    (cut to ufologins in red t-shirt and red cap)

    Reporter: For him, there are no doubts

    Ufologist: Its a UFO(in portuguese OVNI), its an extra-terrestrial object, an object from other planet probably. A lot of people don't believe it, but I believe it firmly. I'm part of a ufologist group and we research about this constantly.

    Reporter: Mr. Jorge(the ufologist), has a theory to explain the visit of the UFO to the region of Senhor do Bonfim

    Ufologist: Wherever there is plenty of minerals, there's always sights of UFO's.

    (cut to scenes of street)

    Reporter: The certain thing to say, is there are a lot of people that doesn't want to encounter a flying saucer, even less with an ET, if by any chance this happens....

    Girl in white shirt: I would run like crazy, I never want this.

    Personal note: The reporter talks in a mocking tone.

    Well, that's the whole transcription, enjoy!

    1. Thank you for taking the time too translate for us, that was really helpful. As for the pictures well I actually believe these ones even though a couple of them look like the Martian ships from the old war of the worlds film haha. I know they are here as a absolute certainty, because I have seen them up close. I am not saying I have been abducted or anything like that. What I am saying is I know a lot more about them and what they are doing. So I will divulge some information that only those who are covering the whole extraterrestrial presence from the population of the planet know. I will tell because I think it is now time that those that do have an interest in this subject and I say subject as it will not be this for very much longer. It will become a reality for everybody. The greys as we have come to know them are ONE race that have split into three separate branches. These branches study different areas of science and religion or a spritual belief (Sorry but there is no escaping a religious belief system) Each branch is totally devoted to what they a studying it becomes part of their existence. Each branch is a hive mind, but they do act and are individuals. They pool they're resources. The Greys have three home worlds and each branch has their own world devoted to their hives agenda. They do not war between themselves but they do have the occasional outbreak of very strong disagreements. Each hive relys on the other to give meaning to their exsistance. It is not a class system but a whole race equally divided to support its race. This is the truth about the greys. They have learned and know a great deal. We as a race will hear and see them soon. The end of the coverup is nearly over.

    2. Human genetics became a mess. There's so much to set up on this open laboratory, which will take ages my friend!

  2. Yea thanks for the translation. It was very kind of you.