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Sep 14, 2013

Diamond-Shaped UFO Captured On Nebraska Still Remains Unidentified

Just before 6 a.m. on Sept. 4th triangular-shaped, flashing object appears to be floating above Lincoln Nebraska. By the time the sun comes up the Towercam is unable to see the object.

Meteorologist Sean McMullen says it was visible for about 45 minutes.


  1. I wonder if there's gonna be
    a investigation

    1. Paul,
      I have come to believe that after genuine UFO sightings, what ensues is a cover-up, rather than an investigation. My humble opinion.

  2. I sent the following to the distinguished professor, who claims to " know" that alien life does not exist.

    Dear sir,
    To state unequivocally that alien life does not exist, is a most foolish thing to say.
    From a secular perspective, a thing cannot be known, unless it is proven by experimentation and observation. Not having any empirical evidence to base your assertion on, is a most unscientific, naive, and obtuse position. The odds are fair, with trillions of stars, and a commensurate number of planets around them. It would be more intellectually honest to say that you are not convinced, or you don't have any evidence to support a belief in alien life, that's fine. But to summarily claim that there isn't any, is a place where a scientific mind should not venture. That's thin ice of personal conviction, without proper evidence to justify your position.
    Similarly, from a faith based perspective, there is nothing anywhere that states that God did not create life elsewhere, besides earth.
    So whether evaluated from a scientific perspective, or a religious perspective, your position is untenable.
    I really can't believe you are a teacher at all.
    Very sad for our youth.

    1. Thanks for posting my reaction. NASA is still looking for life off planet. Perhaps he should let them know it is a waste of money...and pay his dues to the Flat Earth Society. LOL.

  3. Has anyone tried to interpret the flashing patterns as Morse code? Judging by the footage it could very well be.

  4. Could just be the star Sirius flashing in the distance, as it is the perfect time of year to see it at its brightest in the sky. The shape seen on camera could just be the way it appears due to the extreme zoom on the camera.