Sep 5, 2013

Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright Patterson

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Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright Patterson
The hot topic keeps coming back. Renowned UFO researchers, lecturers, and investigative journalists, Donald R. Schmitt and Thomas J. Carey, have produced a timely new book full of a startling body of research pointing to Hanger 18 as the storage site of fragments of the supposedly downed alien craft and bodies of crew members. 

They claim that some of the artifacts are now stored in a repository in the foreign technology division at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. They have compiled a mesmerizing research work that explores this sixty-six-year-old mystery.

Inside the Real Area 51: The Secret History of Wright Patterson names real people who have testified beyond any reasonable doubt what they witnessed or participated in.
No amount of drivel from the mainstream media can contradict what we have in this book. I repeat, real people who are documented have testified.

An outstanding contribution to the continuous process of investigating the visitation of our planet, this book is highly recommended. 

Well-documented accounts of alien visitations have abounded for decades, but many people consider these to be hearsay since no official disclosure has ever been revealed by any country on our planet. Such accounts, if they are true, may always be relegated to such status as long as official explanations negate the very idea. 

Some people that believe in the reality of beings from another world will probably have to wait for some unexpected, high profile, and undeniable future visitation before previous eyewitness accounts will ever be verified. 

Until that day, they will have to be contented with savoring tenacious efforts by investigative reporters such as Schmitt and Carey that attempt to record and reveal a compelling body of evidence in lieu of convincing bodies of aliens Read More
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