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Sep 21, 2013

NASA UFO Footage and Alien Secrets

On July 16th, 1969 Apollo 11 embarked on its historic mission to put a man on the Moon. But what was the true purpose of this mission and did it have a secret agenda? Stunning evidence from declassified "black box" transcriptions lend credibility to the possibility that NASA's mission generally, and the Apollo missions particularly, were organized to covertly document proof of the existence of ancient aliens.

For decades, controversy has surrounded the reason why Moltke Crater was the selected landing zone for the first human landing on the Moon. Do the statements of astronauts themselves and peculiar pyramidal structures and triangular roads filmed by Apollo spacecraft indicate evidence of an ancient alien civilization near Moltke Crater? If so, has this evidence been "covered up" pursuant to the Brookings Report's policy recommendations?

Footage includes a UFO sighting from Apollo 11's telescopic camera during the flight to the Moon, pyramids and other structures on the Moon and Mars, the Black Knight Satellite encounter, and more. Is it possible that NASA has known for years that extraterrestrials do in fact exist, and is this evidence blatantly available in declassified and public archive records? And just who exactly are "the people that live in the Moon?"


  1. I think hints of extraterrestrial life are being released in dribs and drabs, so the masses will slowly mull it over in their minds, and come to the conclusion that NASA already knows- There is indeed extraterrestrial life. By releasing clues slowly, it avoids risking widespread panic, and social shock. You'd do the same thing if you were in power, don't risk toppling society. Look what happened when HG Wells broadcast the War of the Worlds by radio, people freaked out. If fiction freaks people out, how much more then, would the Truth? It's not easy to wrap your head around the fact that we are not alone, it's quite unsettling. But after most of the public connects the dots for themselves, and slowly gets acclimated to the concept of alien life, the Powers that Be will make an announcement, of what they have known since Roswell.

  2. This is quite true what you have written and it makes sense.. This video is quite an alarming compilation of striking text dialog, fascinating video clips, scripted notes, images from past moon missions to current STS sightings and nicely edited together. It is what I (we) want to hear and believe, but at the same time it’s a very scary scenario. When this truth becomes transparent we will all look into each other’s faces with the mind numbing realization that a new and different kind of reality will exist on earth.

  3. They have always been. Back b4 the times of the bible till now. What makeas u think it will ever come out. Every1 acts like they will make it a better way of life on Earth. Where does this come from? It will never be announced, it will never come out.

    1. You've got a good point Adam. It sounds pessimistic, but it is the most likely scenario. Look at how many credible persons spoke about the truth and absolutely nothing happens. Because the mainstream media is constantly ridiculing this phenomena, and unlike of us, most of the population is watching only meainstream... Nobody in power will admit the truth publicly, so it's up to "them" to show up right in front of everybody, so there will be no way to deny it anymore. But will this ever happen? Maybe if there is some kind of big event, when they decide to intervene even at the cost of disclosure... If they wanted to be disclosed, they would have done it million times. But then again, it's only my opinion....

  4. It will come to light indeed. As Jesus said you snakes and sons of snakes. What is hidden away will be revealed. Judgement will come and the beast who is the son of the serpent, whose also a family member of the present day royal families of Europe will come to rule. The U.S. will end, there will be peace for a while. And than the time of the end will approach. So all the techonology will rest on the head of this man call the beast. For somewhere in our very near past it was all built and rested on him. All this bull crap that exist was done by the Devil and the fallen Angels. It is sad that some people don't even realize what is happening just as the angel Gabreal had fortold concerning increase knowledge in the world and a rise in wickedness as we can see it escalating throughout the world, men's hate for his fellow men. The Devil is the one who gave all this technology with the fallen angels and taught it to men via the DEMONS. Yes the demons. Think about. In the end they will all destroy one and other. And as the REVEALATION speakes about the destroyer who holds the key to the abyss-Abbadon/Apollion will unleash hell on earth on Europe the Beast's Kingdom. You all will be in for a rude awakening. He will destroy the U.S. And there's nothing no one can do about it, about the present economic state. Might I add that it was these same beings that led the first President to struture this nation. Believe me theres's historical documents about it that he himself attest to. And Babylon what Zacharia the prophet saw is this country. The visits of aliens on capitol hill in 1952 and another time in the 60's. Washington was also initiated into the 33degree Freemason in 1752. 52 a very important number. For it is said that Quaziquothal the serpent dragon appears every 52 years. They have footage of him in Mexico since 2010. Everything is built on sacrifice to the Devil. This present Capitalist society that clamps down on everyone. It is his doing and the rich and powerful who worship him and given the power to build all these things to corrupt the world and mislead people. God's vengence is at hand to destroy it all and bring their rule to an end. It will happen. Because they have sat the stage for it for which they cannot fix. I myself have been visited by them to try and overcome me but they were not allowed to. I fought to be released and they had no choice because of Jesus and Saint Michael the Archangel. I heard a man once said who was abducted and violated that he was ashamed of the human race for even entertaining these things thinking it's good when it's evil. If any of you have any doubts about what I'm talking about try reading the Book of ENOCH. It will settle all of your doubt, believe me.
    I can go on and on about many things. But I will restrain myself at this right here. The BIBLE can bring every thing to light, from Genesis to Revelavtion. It's just a matter of interpretation and the true spirit of GOD which many don't have. That is why there is a WOE to the earth and all it's inhabatans. Figure it out folks.

  5. I wish I could meet those aliens and know everything about them. Even if they're dangerous I would have back up.... Jist think about it. A whole civilization could be out there.