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Oct 6, 2013

Home Security Camera Filmed UFO Over Michigan, USA

This online UFO video was filmed over Southeast Michigan, USA on October 2, 2013. Down below is self explanatory interview by youtube video poster jcattera.

1). When and where did you capture this and what was the location?

I captured this footage on my home security camera on the night of Oct 2, 2013 around 11pm in the evening in my front yard in Southeast MI, and I'm about 8 miles north of an air national guard base. Sorry, I can't provide any more location than this. I don't want my neighbors to get upset from unwanted UFO hunter traffic.

2.) Why is the security camera using color instead of black and white? Most security cameras change to blank and white at night.

Good question! Because my camera has the option of using either black and white with infrared or color at night, I chose to use color for night in this instance because most fireballs captured on video look much better in color. For example, you can see the yellows, greens, reds, and blues from the tail. However, for security at night, I do use black and white with infrared if I'm not looking for fireballs.

3). Why did your home security camera pointed up into the sky before the incident? 

I was on the look out for capturing a fireball. Since there's been a lot of fireballs reported all over the world in the last 3 weeks, I thought I might be able to catch one on video, but I never expected to capture this!

4.) Which security camera was used?

This recording is from one of my multiple security cameras that is currently installed on the front of my house. This particular camera is pointing south towards the road (my house is set back about 300ft from the road).

5.) Why did you disable your night vision?

On this particular security cam, I disabled the night vision by disabling the infrared mode on it. I didn't want the recording to turn to black and white for a fireball capture. All my security cameras blink a red LED on the front of them indicating they are recording and sensing pixel motion. So, the image could be very far away and still trigger the motion sensor and record from an object moving in the distance. It's digital, so all it needs is a lit up area that shows a change in pixels to sense a change in motion. I've picked up racoons, squirrels, skunks, deer, cats.. as far out as my road which is 300ft out.

6.) Why did you slow down the video speed?

I didn't slow down the speed, the security camera runs at a slower frame rate. Sorry, I wish I had a faster camera.

7.) Why did I use music?

It helps the viewer know the video is playing since the security camera is fixed and the frame rate is a bit slow.

8.) Did you look at the area where the UFO was beaming the laser? Did it leave any residue?

Sorry, I have not.

9.) Do I meditate for these objects (UFOs) to come and visit?

No, I do not. However, I'm probably looking up at the sky more than most folks are.

Object appears at:

0:37 - 0:55 (light from the object refracting from lens on security cam). This would be very hard to simulate using CGI.
0:54 (laser)
4:40 (laser)
5:48 - 5:54, the UFO was so bright that it lit up a few trees for a moment before shooting back up into the sky, and in my opinion, impossible to recreate using CGI.

Here's the picture of the treeline during the daytime:

The UFO appears to be scanning the ground with a green laser (the laser beam can be seen on the trees too). The laser beam clearly starts small from the object and fans out into a larger cone as it gets closer to the ground. In my opinion, impossible for someone to be on the ground creating an inverted cone back to the object, and then to be able to track and follow the object's every move at the same time.

I'm also planning on repositioning one of my security cameras that is currently pointing north in the upward direction in the hopes to gather more footage if the object decides to come back. This north direction would be pointing toward my pond in my backyard. It would be interesting to capture one gathering up water (for what purpose? I'm not sure), but I've heard reports of them using our water.

I'm hoping this thing comes back for another visit soon because it seems friendly too me. Maybe, It'll drop off a superhero flying suit next time! Like on the 80's TV Series, "The Greatest American Hero". :)

Have any of you experienced anything similar to this?


  1. I saw something similar to this in the area of Michigan where the thumb meets the mitten. it was probably about ten years ago now. i was driving to my 3rd shift job along an empty stretch of road passing by several corn fields.

    I noticed a very bright object hovering near the road from a distance i thought that perhaps it was a floodlight on some farm equipment, but as i got closer i could see there was nothing beneath it. it was just hovering there a bright bluish white orb.

    I watched it until i got right up to it and suddenly it shot off over the cornfield faster than anything i could come up with a reasonable explanation for what it was..it zipped away so fast was shaken up to say the least. so yeah this is interesting. and i believe its genuine.

    1. Interesting. Did you get the feeling it was watching you, at any point? Did you feel any sort of presence in the moment that it took off?

    2. Honestly i just thought it was peculiar as i was approaching it. Trying to figure out what i was looking at. i slowed down a little when i got close...it was just off the road. over the edge of the field...no corn...it was late fall early winter.. which was part of wby it would have been odd even for a floodlight... but it was really bright.

      when i got close it was easy enough to see everything beneath it. which was nothing..it was almost like a stadium light bluish white and at about tree height. the brightness of it and the orb like look of it had me going wtf. but as i was passing it in the car it shot off...fast and disappeared in the distance. and i do mean fast. bll.like shooting syar fast.. like blink and you'd miss it fast.

      I didn't feel a "presence" per se. But it was silent. i remember thinking how oddly silent the whole experience had been.. it was weird for sure. i never was one much for UFOs but that was when that all changed. i firmly believe in them now. mind you i am still on the fence about aliens..certainly intelligent life is somewhere out there but I'm not prepared to say they visit us. i just know that UFOs are real.

    3. I am an CG artist - I see nothing, that couldn't be done with cg. Watch this video e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aCSlHfTdyw
      This is done in 30 minutes using After Effects - imagine what can be done using a real 3D-Tool, like Maya, if you work for 2-3 days. One could even model the trees... Just watch Hollywoodmovies ;)

      That doesn't mean, that it is a hoax. It could be real. Could also be a drone with very bright leds. But in my opinion, this is the problem with all ufo-videos today: Nearlly everything can be faked using CG if you have the motivation, time or money. One could even fake a plane and prodcast it on television...

      Of course there are hints if something was done using CG, if you examine it closely. But if the producer knows the way to examine the footage he can make it more realistic, even for those tests. You could for example check, whether strange artefacts appear, when you increase the contrast very much. Then you could remove the artefacts. Or one could consultate a physican, for a reallity check. Of couse this sceonario starts becoming less likely, but it's possible.

      My point is: If you are telling "it can't be done using CG probably" or "very hard", you won't be taken serious by experts. You could tell: It takes quite some time to fake something like this using CG and further investigation might tell more.

      The problem with this video is, that the quality is very low! If you increase the contrast it is full of compression artefacts.

    4. The above poster is a disinfo-er.

  2. @ weltnabel,...... douchebaggery is not permitted, go away!

  3. The videos are gone already... Anyone have them?

  4. Bear in mind also that apparently there is now technology out there to create live 3D holograms that look so lifelike they can fool anyone. There've been several displays of this during daylight hours in Asia.

    I'm also not saying this is a hoax, but I am going to point out that the current dearth of any sort of physical contact leads me to suspect that most videos are holograms or CGI.

  5. What is the manuf of the security camera that allows you to catch audio? Nice try but this is a digitally edited camcorder shoot. This isn't a security camera footage. They record 1 up to 5 frames a second, not real time.

    1. Yes now days IP cam allow you to capture audio as well.

  6. Thank you for posting this. It reminds me of the "Hessdalen Mystery Lights" which were study for years and displayed behavior that seemed intelligent to the scientist.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  7. Believe. It is impossible that Earth is the only life dwelling planet. there has to be life somewhere and you'd be a fool to think otherwise. Look to History.. way bk past egyptian and sumerian times.. ruins found with pictures of some sort of craft.. we would describe as a modern shuttle used by nasa.. so either they seen craft of some sort or they could see into the future.. one of those other impossible things.. alot is being.kept frm me u everybody.. and why?

  8. Why must it be aliens from a different world? Maybe its from an older civilization. Why were my earlier comments deleted? Because I commented on corny background music trying to make it spooky? A legit person would not delete that comment.

  9. I see nothing in the movement that precludes a man made object. All the velocity's seem consistent with a DJI Phantom Drone or some other Remote Controlled Aircraft. Am I the only one who see's the movement that looks like a person in the trees below the lighted object in the first video. Look below the object into the trees. There seems to be a lighted glowing biped moving from left to right. This makes me think...fake

  10. I also find it so amazingly coincidental that he would talk about moving his North pointing camera towards the pond to possibly catch a ORB collecting water and what do you know.....On the 12th that very thing happens. It looks to me to be just a radio controlled vehicle with a downward pointing laser. Nothing new here!

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