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Nov 26, 2013

Watch Live Comet ISON Updates !

Update : 

SOHO Image Suggest Comet ISON Survive

CNN Also Confirm Comet ISON Survived

 A comet ISON is heading for a close encounter with the sun, and if it is not vaporised or torn apart, it should be visible to the naked eye in December.

Above photo was taken on Nov 24 prior to sunrise around 6 am in Thailand facing E/SE at the constellation Libra
On November 28, 2013, the SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) spacecraft will off-point at three different positions as Comet ISON moves through perihelion. This website will display near realtime images and movies of this sungrazing comet.

Images should begin appearing sometime between 12:45 pm and 1:00 pm EST.

Current EST Time: 

Comet ISON live Tweet Updates:


BOOKMARK the page as live "Comet ISON" video updates will start from November 28, 2013 at 12:45 pm EST onwards.

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Stream 2:

Comet ISON Model:

ISON Interactive live SKY Chart :


  1. All the nuts that were convinced it was being escorted by two UFOs are discredited. (You don't have to even "try" to discredit some people, as they are led by their own hysteria) One guy even posted a phony video of a supposed radar image with two orbiting spacecraft, what a hoax! Now don't get me wrong, I am a UFO believer, who knows UFOs have been visting Earth for thousands of years, interacting with humans, mating with humans, (Nephalim), and I beleive they are here now, on the earth, walking among us. The USA espcially, above all other nations, has sought to monopolize extra terrestrial technology, have some craft of their own, and as Richard Dolan says, there is now a breakaway civilization and off-world Navy.

    Full disclosure is purposefully only coming in dribs and drabs, to avoid unsettling the public, a' la the Brookings Institution report. Unless there is mass contact, in a fully publicised world-wide event, only those of open mind and steady nerve will dare to open their eyes and realize that we are not alone, and contact has already been made.

    But so much crap is out on the net, that it discredits the disclosure movement. A whole bunch of crap came with ISON.
    "Look, there's ISON now, dragging a huge tail of popular hysterics behind it!"

  2. Eat some more pudding.

  3. Seeing talking heads with earbuds describing old clips is not my idea of watching ISON live, sorry.