Nov 1, 2013

Texas UFO : Triangle UFO Videotaped Over ACL Downtown Austin

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According to video poster "a friend of mine was one of the witnesses to the ACL UFO, and he captured some spectacular footage from downtown. He is convinced that what he saw a very large craft (he's watched military crafts in action before, and the size and scope of this object reminded him of that). Here's his phenomenal footage, featuring an object hovering and rotating around and then disappearing into the clouds, though it looked much better when I viewed it directly on his phone, unfortunately: " 

Please watch down below video in full HD and at full screen.

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  1. They are 3 single lights not connected to each other. Might be flares, sky lanterns or alien since it's a UFO

  2. Wtf is this some people are just soooo stupid FAKER this is why people turn their back on the truth about aliens and ufos get a life will you