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Dec 30, 2013

Meteor ‘Fireballs’ Start Falling From Sky - Comet ISON Debris ?

In past we reported "Comet ISON Will Pass By Earth On New Year's Eve : NASA STEREO".

But on 2 December 2013, the CIOC announced that Comet ISON had fully disintegrated, though NASA continues to investigate the possibility that an inactive fragment could have survived. The Hubble Space Telescope failed to detect fragments of ISON on 18 December 2013.

Interestingly, now according to media and eyewitness reports fireballs start falling from sky. 

Down below are latest fire ball sighting reports and videos:

Iowa Meteor Fireball December 26, 2013 

AMS received 1215 reports about this fireball seen over IA, IL, KS, MN, MO and NE on December 26th 2013 around 23:26

Meteor Fireball  - Tiffany, Stillwater, Minnesota, USA,  27 Dec. 2013
4 secs duration. West sky, shot straight down. No sound, bright light with orange and blue and green bursts. Less bright than sun, slightly. It seemed so close, like it could have been a firework a neighborhood over, but it was no firework. It shot straight down fast out of the sky. Seemed so close.
27 Dec. 2013 - Jessica, Tintah, MN, USA 2230 CST
5 secs duration. S-N. Blue, very bright, brighter than the moon. Lit up the car. Largest/brightest I've seen!
27 Dec. 2013 - Pamela Belknap St. Paul, MN USA 10:35 pm CST
5 secs duration. N to S. No sound, bright white, becoming bright green with some red. Very bright, larger than Venus. North from St Paul.
27 Dec. 2013 - Kevin, Burnsville, Minnesota 10.30 pm
5 seconds duration. East to north-north west. Green like a big firework. Left a trail of sparks.
27 Dec. 2013 - Chris Gaza, ia, usa 22:30:00
5 seconds duration. Overhead, straight down. Green fireball. Very bright, like fireworks, with a fire trail. Appeared to hit ground a mile from my house.
27 Dec. 2013 - Courtney Hoden, Missouri Valley, IN, USA 10.15 pm Central
10 seconds duration. I was looking north. It seemed to fall straight down. Green-orange, bright as a very bright moon. Parts were falling off. Orange sparks It was very large. Seemed to fall not streak across the sky.

Montana Meteor Fireball December 29, 2013 

Meteor ‘Fireball’ Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, December 30, 2013 

Live meteor fireball sighting twitter feeds 


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