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Dec 5, 2013

Sandy Hook 911 Call : "There's A Rumor It's FAKE"

The release Sandy Hook 911 tapes concluded a months-long legal dispute between the Newtown Police Department and the news media, which had been seeking the recordings stemming from the response to the shooting. 

State's Attorney for the Danbury Judicial District Stephen Sedensky said during the court battle that the 911 tapes were excluded from Connecticut's Freedom of Information Act, arguing that calls were confidential records of child abuse. A Connecticut judge ordered the tapes' release Nov. 26.

We must say the Sandy Hook 911 tapes are "Chilling". 

Please listen to down below call number 3. from 1:52 to 1:55 woman in the background said "There's a rumor it's fake" Jenn, hang up, I need you to get off that phone!

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