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Jan 7, 2014

California Crop Circle Was Nvidia Cheap Marketing Hoax

As expected crop circle discovered last week etched in a farmer's barley field in Chualar, California, was not created by UFO lights.

Instead  -- it was a SHAMEFUL marketing stunt intended to attract cheap publicity to the release of a 192 CUDA-core Tegra K1 used in automobiles, tablets and cell phones made by the computer graphics company NVIDIA, according to its president and CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang.

It's not the first time they faked something for marketing, in 2009 Nvidia even faked Fermi boards at GPU Technology Conference.


  1. For some odd reason....I feel like it isn't a hoax.....and they are saying that just to "get rid" of the subject.....I mean....the circles.....the squares....the's just tooooo think....someone treaded their little butt all the way in that field......used a board to step down each square foot of grass into perfect position?.........all for a lousy marketing job?........zzzzzz screams cover up to me......if you think about COULD be a warning of the "Mark of the Beast." ..........maybe something's coming in the future that is going to "usher" in the new chip that will be used to "inventory" us.....because all we would ultimately product, and item on a shelf....keeping themselves alive for whomever comes by, and needs one of us. The prefix of the chip being 666? IRONIC that "666" is a reference to the"Atomic Atom?" You know.....Our "Connection" to this "Physical" reality?!......odd isn't it? .....all I know is......someone is watching us....and someone here is in business with them.......hooray for cosmic corporations! Stay safe everyone.

    1. You are right, this wasn't a hoax at all. There were witnesses that videotaped strange orbs of light flashing high above the field the night before the crop circle was made. Then the military showed up the next day and forced the farmer to plow down his field. There was a hidden message in braille in that crop circle.

  2. Well we know what to look out for now don't we. We have to take note of witness who say they seen people messing in fields and footage of lights green or not. Indicating activities that are not normally associated with crop circles that come from aliens. We live and learn.

  3. arseholes should get fucked for that

  4. @Anonymous From 1-7-2013, 1:37
    You Demonstrate A Complete + Utter Lack Of Cognitive Skills, (Or You Are A Shill)

  5. Actually, nvidia Sucks.