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Jan 27, 2014

Mars UFO - NASA Curiosity Photographed UFO

This image was taken by Front Hazcam: Left B (FHAZ_LEFT_B) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 504 on January 5, 2014

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  1. Well that's not a plane chopper or drone. Now what debunkers?

  2. How much more proof does one need. Kinda hard to fake it on another planet. Time for our government to come clean.

  3. It is a shooting star! Beautiful!

  4. Why does it have to be a UFO and not an asteroid? That's what it looks like to me.

  5. As much as I would like to stand behind this it will be hard. With so many photos and videos of unknown anomalies, the current viewpoint on the topic of extra-terrestrial stays the same. We all know deep down it's real but the hard part is proving it. With so many ways to discredit the pictures, there's no worth in putting pictures up unless you're actually able to make out dimensions and locations of spotted objects.

  6. Curious how low down skeptics will try and go to shoot this one down.

  7. Sorry about my english....

    I just can believe ..that after decades and decades our goverment doesnt have the dicency to come clean. I mean reaaaaaallly.

    it is sad to see that a handfull of people with power and money control our whoole planet.
    just not fear.

    still wonder why they havent showed up on the street and make themselves to the public.
    that will solve not only our goverment mess but it will bring a whole new game into our lives.

    i guess once we open pandores box ..there is not turning back...should we be afraid...

    or should we be ready for whats coming...

    1. No people are stupid and think they are perfect and rather believe that our government don't lie to us or steal from us but this is real pics real time no excuses why we are lied to is what we should be asking

  8. looks like a comet

  9. Yeah guys... CLEARLY that is an alien craft controlled by intelligent vessels.

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  11. All the technology we have and we can't get a decent hi def colour photo?????

  12. It looks like a comet

  13. Looks like a comet however my mind is open to aliens in this vast universe filled with more then 500 billion galaxies each with 200 billion stars. Aliens are also mentioned in the Quran.

  14. I agree with Nathan. Why the crummy pictures? Where is the HD?


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