Jan 2, 2014

UFO News 2014 : UFO Sightings Reported Across California On New Year's Eve

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From Placer County to the Hollywood Hills, people reported seeing mysterious lights in the sky on New Year's Eve. 

Terry and Hans Mauth of Auburn said they watched a large egg-shaped object with a bright light shining upward drift over their neighborhood, then suddenly accelerate. 

"There was no sound, that's the funny thing," Terry said. "Just this big illuminated form." Steven Brown of Sacramento reported a similar sighting above Belle Cooledge Park. "Whatever it was moved up and to the left," he explained. "It hovered there for probably about 60 seconds, then it took off at a high rate of speed." 

 The lights in the sky were apparently not seen by any pilots or air traffic controllers. FAA spokesman Ian Gregor said there was no unusual flight activity reported Tuesday night. 

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  1. Around midnight...New years night... We saw a large orange ball moving slowly over our development here in St. Augustine, Florida! (Not fireworks!!!)

  2. Happy New Year to our visitors! Thanks for stopping by!
    Next time, c'mon in, and sit a spell!

  3. I saw this same object last nigh tin San Jose Ca.
    7.30 pm Jan Ist.
    This object sat stationary in the evening sky. I walked out back to feed the dog and noticed it right away because of how bright it was.
    It looked like an orange center with red outer line, almost looked like flame. It seemed to increase in size and intensity.

    I called a friend outside to witness, as I was prepping to video it, It sped off higher and higher into the eastern sky till it disappeared

  4. I got a video of it in texas. Definitely no fireworks.

  5. I have video of it in texas. Definitely not fireworks

  6. Got the same here in southeast Brazil yesterday night.

  7. My daughter caught the same thing over our fireworks here in Raleigh NC!

    1. This video is amazing. look very closely from 5:17-around 5:30. that is something else.

  8. Anonymous 01/03/2014 7:55 PM
    A friend and I were in our way to the San Francisco airport, driving from Sonoma County on 101 south,
    when suddenly to the right between some trees; I saw a big bright yellow triangle on the sky. I wanted to take a good look, but a second after that somebody honk, so I said to my friend "I'm not doing any thing wrong, what's going on?" and I turn my face to the left to see if maybe was someone who knew me, but
    as I turned my face to look at the car that was almost across from mine. I immediately saw on the sky some type of vehicle on the air about 15 feet hight coming on my direction, it was about 16 feet long,
    rectangular and it had small horizontal wheels and small lights red and yellow. I was almost petrified, I
    thought this thing its going to heet me or, at that moment my friend screemed. She said that the vehicle
    slow down, almost on top of the trees. I didnt see any thing also because I was driving. What of an
    experience!! I realized later that the car that honk, just wanted us to see that phenomenon.

  9. This morning around 6:16am in south san Jose as I walked out of my house I noticed from distance a bright light moving up and to the side ,it got small and big but then it suddenly dissappeared in the sky.I thought at first it was maybe a plane. But as I stared at it's unusual movement. I realized I had witnessed a ufo.

  10. Most of these sightings are Chinese lanterns. Many people in the la area do this around New Years. On FB alone I must have seen about 5 people doing this around or after midnight.

    1. This want new years eve. I have seen it over Menlo park ca early morning 5am 2012 znd now Jan 6 6:16 am 2014 in south san Jose. It's ufo. I am convinced

  11. Monica916sactown1/18/2014 03:05:00 AM

    My friend & I saw it in Sacramento on Dec 31st 2013.It only moved once & it stayed 2 1/2-3 hours.It almost looked like a star but it was too low to be a star & it was flashing colors like blue,red,orange & white.I mentioned it to a friend today & he googled it & found out others seen it too.I wonder if we will ever find out what we saw??

    1. Last night at 7:20 pm both my cousin & witnessed and filmed orange orbs for about ten minutes moving due east over Highway 92 in Seffner, Fl. Ipisted one of four on utube a short time ago. Check it out. Ufos over seffner, fl