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Mar 22, 2014

Censorship : NASA Is Preparing To Shut Down Its ISS Live Feed

NASA are preparing to shut down their live live feed of data from the International Space Station, but they want your feedback first. In just two weeks time, NASA have advised they will retire the little known but invaluable website, that is unless they can find an organization that will cover their costs. 

This live ISS data feed is the only way the public can access real-time data from the International Space Station, and should it be allowed to go dark it will be a huge, huge loss. Most people may never have known the site existed, but the chances that at some point, they would have witnessed another site using its data.

While NASA haven't published any specific reasons for retiring the site, it is understood that the cost of running the feed dwarfs the level of visitation it receives. But this lack of users in no way reflects how valuable and inspiring this site is, it merely represents another example of how the space agency has failed to reach out to the public to maximize its operations.

Jennifer Price is NASA's lead contact on the process and she has suggested that if a proposed deal with a 3rd party is not reached today, visitors will have just 2 weeks left to enjoy this rare view of space. So if you want to keep this incredible data source going, send an email to jsc-isslive@mail.nasa.gov as quick as you can! And register your protest against NASA censorship.


  1. I just got done watching the show on natgeo. living in space. it was interesting and fascinating. I am proud of the Astronauts in the ISS. I just found this website and i hope Nasa does not shut it down. we need more shows like that on TV to get younger people interested in the space program and internet websited on the IIS and more space acvtivity

  2. This is such a shame. Seeing a live view of the earth reflects what we were told when we were very young, 57 years ago in my case. Although we aren't "living on the moon" as our teachers and parents predicted, this is indeed something to be amazed at and treasured. Again, progress seems to be given.....and then taken away.

  3. please dont let it happen.......questa finestra avvicina tutti e tutto quel che fino a poco tempo fa era solo fantasia......chi può faccia il possibile affinchè ciò non avvenga......è giusto che anche il più piccolo dei contribbuenti abbia un ritorno visto che la conquista dello spazio è stata finanziata in gran parte da fondi pubblici.....è un inerzia la spesa rappresentata da questa live space cam........a confronto a tutto il grand affare che gira attorno lo spazio e sua conquista......ciao dall'italia.....giancarlo

  4. Many believe that NASA holds back information to the public. Many believe that if NASA made a key discovery it would not be disclosed to the public. I think Humanity's destiny is to explore our Solar system and establish bases. I believe we have to first find a safe way to address the high levels of radiation in space that has not allowed us to venture more than 400 miles from the Earth's surface for the last 40 plus years. I also believe that NASA needs public support and needs to produce a "game changer" or NASA will slowly dissolve. Maintaining an on-line real time access to ISS increases the trust between NASA and the public.