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May 14, 2014

George Knapp Interviews Bob Lazar 25 Years After His 1st Historic Interview

It has been 25 years to the day since a live interview with a shadowy guy named "Dennis" changed everything for America's most secret military base.

"Dennis" turned out later to be a man named Bob Lazar, who claimed he worked at a secret facility built into a mountainside just south of Area 51's main facilities.


  1. I had a testers model kit of the sport model UFO that Lazar talked about way back when. He always seemed genuine to me. Even when he was getting torn down for his statements, it just made it even more plausible. I mean, how does some shlub go about knowing the inner workings without actually being there. It's interesting how he almost got himself erased, that's for sure.

  2. His credentials were scrubbed. His uni records were erased etc. He still had pay slips from S4. He was a government contractor. Nobody would even know about Janet air if not for Lazar. "Area 51" was unknown before Lazar. Someone questioned it, went out and looked and lo and behold the groom lake and papoose lake facilities out in the desert as stated.

    Plus, take a look at the stuff the guy has invented. He is extremely smart and capable and that gets sluffed off?

    I think in regards to Lazar that the naysayers are more suspect than he is. It's not like he was making scads of cash off of telling the story. In fact,I believe it almost made him destitute and that's why he doesn't like talking about it anymore. he's resigned himself to the fact that for the most part, people really can't handle the truth.

  3. My own personal theory is that it was a controlled leak. The government brought him in while knowing with 90% certainty that he would spill the beans. As long as he doesn't produce photo evidence no on would believe him anyway.

    Maybe they had plans to move forward with disclosure back then? I dont know why they would want to leak info like that, but it's just my personal guess.

  4. It's nice to see a current video of Lazar. He looked comfortable talking to George Knapp, and I got a clearer picture of who Lazar is as a person. He comes off as sincere and honest.

    Not so much with John Lear. Lear is entertaining, but sometimes goes off the deep end, and damages the credibility of those around him. Even though he was close to Lazar 25 years ago, I wish they would leave him out of these mainstream news pieces.

    1. I totally agree with your Lazar and Lear comparison. Lear got his reputation as a celebrated pilot, but all that goes away when he goes off the deep end. I hate when people go extreme in any direction (everything is conspiracy/real.. or the other end.. total skepticism nothing is possible).

      Lazar seems legit and balanced, not so with Lear.