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May 22, 2014

UFO Takes Down Russian Proton-M Rocket

A Russian Proton-M rocket with a very advanced satellite on board crashed not far from Kazakhstan’s territory on Friday. It was only in the air for about nine minutes before it crashed out -or was it taken down? If it made to its final destination, the Express-AM4R would have been Russia’s most advanced and powerful satellite to date.


The crash was likely caused by a failure in one of the third stage’s steering engines, reported Oleg Ostapenko, the head of the Russian national space agency Roscosmos says Russia Today. 

Russian Proton-M Rocket Official Launch Video:

What we find interesting is that whether we watch the video above or the below below, there is clearly an object that is racing towards the direction of the rocket and in some way either makes contact or interferes right before the rocket goes off course and crashes.

You can see this object come in on the right side of your screen.

Russian Proton-M Rocket Enhanced Version :


  1. Something obviously hit the rocket, it explodes exactly as the object passes it, there's no way in hell that's a star. It may have possibly been a meteorite, but the chances of that happening are absolutely astronomical and there are more probable explanations.

    This rocket was apparently carrying one of the most advanced satellites ever made by Russia, it's not a stretch of the mind to think it may have been shot down by someone who didn't want to let it get into orbit.

    All the evidence is pointing exactly that way. In fact it's more rational to assume it was shot down then to assume it was struck by a meteorite, if you want to go by probabilities alone. And the fact that this is the second time they've failed to get a satellite like this into space just adds to the suspicious nature of this rocket failure.

    Someone obviously doesn't want Russia to get this satellite into space.

  2. A theory: if someone wanted a satellite down, it can only be the US. Russians have always been a dormant threat to them, and that satellite would expose the US and many of its secrets(i.e area 51 activities, etc) to them.
    Making this look like an accident asks for high precision artillery to aim just the bottom part of that fast moving rocket. This may sound crazy, but if the enhanced version is legit, there must have been a cooperation between the US and an alien race to disable the rocket. An advanced alien race would have no problem succeeding in such tough operation on a really fast moving rocket

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