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Sep 21, 2014

NASA Mars Curiosity Photographed Violin Knob On Mars

This image was taken by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity onboard Mastcam on September 18, 2014.

Highlighted anomaly in the photograph looks like a Violin Knob to us. Anomaly has all the characteristics to define NOT just a simply rock.

NASA Original : Image

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  1. I think this picture is one of the strongest of all, indicating a former civilization on Mars. Looks like nothing survived except for items made of ceramic, stone, or fossilized remains recorded in stone.
    Eons of solar bombardment would have that effect.
    If only Percival Lowell could have seen these photos, he would have known his theory of canals, or civilization on Mars was correct.

  2. Look where the "object" is sitting. It is a flat area, clear of any other objects. Almost looks like a foundation for something. Along the periphery of this flat area, is a ring of stones with flat faces on one side, all of them facing the "foundation", in an obvious line. It looks like there was a structure there at one time, against which came a mud flow, pressing up against the structure, creating the flat faces we see. The mud petrified to stone, and the structure itself decayed over time and vanished. The anomalous object may have been a decoration of some sort for the structure, and it just landed haphazardly as the structure decayed.
    On one stone, the plane of its flat side doesn't match the orientation of the surrounding flat rock planes, or faces. Maybe this was due to an irregular shaped structure?

  3. I also see a statue face with crown :)

    1. Lord Hanuman is considered to be the lord of Mars. Mars is considered to be the "Senapati" (Commander-in-Chief) of the army of gods.

    2. From Where Exactly did you read that Hanuman is Lord of the Mars

  4. good grief, Let us not jump to any conclusions until we can get some boots on the ground and have someone look at these things with thier own two eyes.

  5. That structure doesn't look like it's been carved by years of wind and sand. It looks like it was carved by someone a long time ago. Earth should learn something from this post apocalyptic planet.

  6. Fossilized octopus tentacle?