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Oct 15, 2014

Mars Curiosity Photographed Ancient Petroglyph On Mars

Yesterday we reported, "Life Did Exist On Mars, And May Have Life Now : NASA" [Video].

Today we are sharing ancient petroglyph on Mars which was photographed by NASA's onboard Mars rover Curiosity Mastcam on August 31, 2014

Nasa mars ancient petroglyph curiosity photograph

Down below is squatting man petroglyphs found on Earth:

Location of  Mars Ancient Petroglyph on Mars Curioisty Image:

NASA Original Image Here


  1. Nice hiding of Mars technology, petroglyph, stone, sure.
    The resolution, the sand, I'm amazed people can't see it.

  2. Not to mention all the bodies they 'tried' to mask out.
    Planet of Mars is our backdoor ancient deathpit. Planets don't get that bad over nothing. Too many bodies for the public to handle and understand. btw I don't care about any disclosures, my soul is free.
    Not for nothing "planet of war' in past times on Earth as it's reference.

  3. This is quite interesting!

  4. It does look like Glyphs on the rock. If it is then there is the absolute prove intelligent life was once on Mars.

  5. upper left looks like a stutue face down