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Nov 26, 2015

Mars Rover Photographed Dome On Mars

Earlier we reported, Disc-shaped dome structure found on Mars. This could be another incredible images ever taken on the surface of the red planet.

The pictures were taken on Sol 4073 (Martian Day 4073 or 2015-07-10 UTC on Earth) by the Opportunity rover’s panoramic camera (Pancam). The structure is easy to spot as it sits forward on a hill and is the largest raised formation in the area. Its isolation and surface – which appears to be different than the surrounding rocks and soil – makes it look like it doesn’t belong in the natural layout of the area.

There isn’t a chance that we are looking at a natural formation here. It doesn’t look natural at all. Better yet, if we zoom into we can see small dark circles evenly distributed at the base of the structure. 

The mysterious dome does not seem to be a natural formation since, the surrounding rocks are very different from the mysterious dome.

Mars Opportunity Dome Photograph On Mars
Mars Opportunity Spotted Dome On Mars

Dome On Mars Landscape Photograph

A glow or light in the middle of the dome suggests it may be metallic and reflecting sunlight. Or it could be a window emitting internal light. If it is indeed a domed building, a smaller formation to the right of the dome could be a storage facility or living quarters.

NASA Image :


  1. Wow very strange indeed, good find.

  2. ANOTHER ONE: Opportunity Navigation Camera, Sol 4181:

  3. Well, it's either swamp gas, or a balloon, or a bird, or Venus. Let's go for "it's a bug near the lens" and we can all sleep soundly again.

  4. I would LOVE someone to find evidence that we are not alone in the Universe.
    But this is a rock! :-O
    The 'reflecting'... You know where metals come from, right?

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