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Dec 1, 2015

UFO Ejects Orbs Over São Paulo, Brazil

According to eyewitness testimony, on November 27, 2015 while playing poker at a 17th floor apartment, we heard some pops/explosions sounds that at first seemed like fireworks or gun shots. When we looked out the window we observed this rather strange star-like object hovering and dropping star-like objects directly under it that seemed to be making these explosions and disappearing.

São Paulo Ovani Photo Brazil

It looked like fireworks but still oddly was very different, as it seemed a rather strange display of fireworks. The UFO would suddenly get brighter and revert back seemingly without much order. It was a bit higher than where we were and approximately 2 km away. 
This happened for about 5 minutes, slowly diminishing the amount of objects that exploded being dropped. At one point during this it seemed to cast a light which made us think it might have been a helicopter. We tried to decipher what it was as it sometimes seemed to exhibit a helicopters behavior, a comet, a drone or balloon with fireworks, but we ended ruling those things out to due to its strange behavior.

After or maybe even during this it started moving horizontally west, while still leaving some of these objects behind, but this time it seemed more like star dust and no explosions were made. Some of these "stars"would veer to the right and left of the object. This happened for another couple of minutes or so until it seemed like it was consumed by this fire with many sparks, like if it were exploding, emitting a lot of light. But it emerged out of this like nothing happened and continued on its path west. We then went to the balcony of the apartment to be able to see the rest of its path. At this point it seemed to seemingly interchange many colors without much order. It would usually be white/silver light but sometimes it would station at a red like glow. It then changed direction and seemed to come toward us, but then just seemed to rise and move to the north east towards the moon and orions belt. At this point it rose to the height of the clouds, maybe even a little higher. When it reached that height it started changing direction at will, moving up or down, and at one point it seemed to zig-zag/slither. After a while we lost track of it as it seemed to blend in with the stars.

Approximately 30 minutes later of the occurrence it appeared again at what seemed to be the same place. It behaved exactly the same way and did the same things as in the other occurrence. This time we were able to capture video of it, since during the first occurrence we were a bit shocked and the battery of our phones went out. Also, I was able to see it before it started dropping the objects, so we had more time to capture its initial behavior. Before it started dropping the objects it seemed to drop some star like objects which would some times glow a lot or simply looked like a star. The UFO also would seemingly glow a lot and go back to its "original"state. Since we were capturing these videos through our phones, it is hard to see what truly happened, and after it started going further away it became harder and harder to capture on video, so we only recorded the when it appeared. The footage captures about I would say 30% of the magnitude of what we saw with our naked eye.

Later in the night, maybe also 30-45 minutes after the second occurrence it seemed to appear again, this time much further away near the horizon. The light it emitted was red. It then moved to the west and slowly disappeared.

This event was by far the weirdest thing me and my two friends ever saw. Nothing we have ever seen remotely behaved like this. At first I was particularly scared because the explosions seemed bizarre and could be releasing something in the air, but eventually we all calmed down. After the event we did some studying to try and see the distance the object was by the time sound took to reach us, which we came to the conclusion it was about 2km away. We ruled out Chinese lanterns and drones as it would have to be pretty big to be able to carry the objects it dropped and also since it got to the height of the clouds it'd be very hard maybe even impossible for a balloon or drone to achieve those heights.


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