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Billy Eduard Meier a UFO contactee

Hi guys, we know after Blossom Child its hard now other to believe on personal claim about contact with other-life forum from other planets .So now we talking about Billy Eduard Meier who is highly controversial too.Now here we are talking about his knowledge of water on mars back in 1976? Yes you heard right he is the man who beat NASA by 32 years about discovery of water on mars.

While NASA's announcement on July 31, regarding proof of the discovery of water on Mars, excited scientists, Meier had already been informed about water on the planet Mars - on July 8, 1976 by aliens.

Mr. Meier was contacted at the age of 5 .He was quite an adventurer in his youth too. See the photo to the right and imagine a young Meier as Indiana Jones. He traveled extensively going as far as India, Turkey and Greece. He even joined the French Foreign Legion, but after an unsatisfactory tour, deserted and walked back to civilization. He then tried his luck at truck driving but this turned out to be even more disastrous than his stint in the Legion as he lost his left arm in a traffic accident in Turkey.

If we talk about billy evidence about being contacted and visited by aliens you get stunned because If you go to Switzerland and finding the exact locales where the films/photos were shot and by measuring distances from landmarks, the positions of trees etc. one can prove that the photographs, indeed the objects in the photographs are authentic.

Over the years, Meier has received numerous prophecies from the Pleiadians, which he has recorded, and in some instances shared with others to be kept confidential until the specific predictions came to pass. I will list a few of the more amazing and leave it to you to believe or disbelieve.

Prophecy Date: February 28, 1987

Prediction: warning of the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) by terrorism, the series of worldwide wars that the US would subsequently launch, and military actions involving Russia, China, France, Germany, Spain, England, Scandinavia and many Third World and other countries.

Event: September 11, 2001, the WTC was destroyed; the United States has already attacked Afghanistan and Iraq as of the time of this writing. Prophecy Date: October 19, 1978

Prediction: Meier described existence of Jupiter's rings, saying:
1. They are composed mainly of dust, particles, sulphur ions flung off by volcanoes on Io;
2. Described Io as the most volcanically active body in the solar system, and smooth, level-surfaced with no water; described Europa as ice-encrusted;
3. Jupiter said to have 17 "actual" moons;
4. Described nature of Jupiter's huge funnel-shaped storm.

Event: March 5, 1979, NASA's Voyager 1 probe discovered the rings of Jupiter, that Io is the most volcanically active body in the solar system and that Europa is covered in ice-five months after Meier published this information.

Event: September 15, 1998, Cornell University scientists confirmed particulate composition of rings from Jupiter's moons (first theorized by astronomers on August 2, 1995). Meier's information is 20 years ahead of Cornell's. (While scientists believe that the source of the particulate matter is explosions caused by meteorite strikes on the moons' surfaces, Meier's information seems more accurate, i.e., that matter being propelled from volcanoes at speeds up to 2,300 km/hour to heights of 180 km is more likely the true source of most particulate-forming rings.

Critics point of view

So,now i request you to make your own mind if you like to believe him or not !! its all up to you guys..
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