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Roswell The UFO Uncover Up

Roswell The UFO Uncover Up is a Video documentary in which the first time in this program, we see actual UFO crash debris tested and found to be truly extraterrestrial.

The 50th Anniversary celebration of the well-documented UFO crash and military cover-up sets the stage for this entertaining documentary about America's reaction to our planet's encounter with ETs.Winner of three EBE Awards and a finalist for a 20th Annual Telly Award, Roswell: The UFO Uncoverup documents the widespread belief that evidence exists proving that outer space aliens crash landed at Roswell, NM, in the late '40s, and that the truth about that crash was buried in a military cover-up for decades. Highlights include footage from the town of Roswell celebrating the 50th anniversary of the crash, and interviews with authors Whitley Streiber (Communion) and Erich Von Daniken .

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