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Real UFO encounter over corpus Cristi,Texas,USA : Reader account

Shape of objects: Perfectly Round with lights around perimeter, and one big light in the center.
Full Description of event/sighting
Well me and my wife are down at the Water Gardens (Corpus Christi, Tx) and I am telling her all about this boy and the pictures, and just feeding her with all this info.(witness was referring to a MUFON meeting he attended) well she finally says look! I will listen to you and all that but don't push this UFO stuff on me... I have to see ufo to believe.At that moment I made a request to them (aliens I guess) I wish they would come down right now so you can see them and believe in them. Like I do. Well at that moment in conversation I told her in Spanish..." look in the sky. Here comes a car."
There were two UFO lights directly above the Harbor Bridge. She laughed and we just kept talking thinking the whole time it was probably a plane or something. Well for some reason I was watching it in the corner of my eye, and then realized like in no time UFO was directly above us. At this point my wife was starting to freak, and I was so full of excitement that this was happening. I remember looking up and this object was huge, and made no sound that was scary something that big floating above us and all you could here was a hovering noise a very faint hovering noise not loud at all.The lights glowed from white to yellow to green and then the reverse. The UFO then moved directly behind the Art Building,came to a perfect stop and made a 90 degree turn around the corner of the building going beyond our sight.I was trying to run to the other side of the building and my Wife was pulling on my hand.She did not want me to go because she was scared.I finally broke loose and ran around the building only to see the UFO blink out. It jumped from near the art building to about 1 or 2 miles out above the bay and then just blinked out again and disappeared. My wife to this day does not like talking about this incident.She is old school at the end i would say you know every thing has to have an explanation ....
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