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NASA,Confirmed possibility of Life On Mars,15th January,2009

NASA,confirmed possibility of Life On Mars,15th January,2009.Back in August,2008 we posted about

White House is Briefed to Announce "Potential For Life" on Mars

And now today a team of researchers reported NASA Tv that methane emissions on Mars appear to come in large, brief bursts and that in 2003, they originated from three specific regions in the northern hemisphere, where it was midsummer. 
In the largest plume, the gas came out at a rate of 0.6 kilograms a second, the scientists said, and, at its peak, contained 19,000 metric tons of methane.

“It’s a significant release,” said Michael J. Mumma, a senior scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., who led the research team.

The scientists also announced the findings at a NASA news conference. Dr. Mumma had previously reported some of his findings at scientific meetings, but the Science paper is the first time they have appeared in a peer-reviewed journal.

Methane, the simplest of hydrocarbon molecules, with one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms, is fragile in air. It falls apart when hit by ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. That means any methane in the Martian air must have been released recently. 
Dr. Mumma’s group used telescopes in Hawaii to examine the light reflected off Mars. Different molecules absorb different wavelengths of light, and the scientists reported seeing black lines in the spectrum corresponding to methane as well as water vapor.
So now big question is .....Do mars have life ?
And answer is yes.

Its a step by step Disclosure Project...because NASA can't hide it any more

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