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Ufology and possibilities of existence of alien life !!

Since 1947 the term Ufology means studying and documenting the existence of the so-called UFO phenomenon on our planet. In fact this is true, however, times have passed and the modern era of UFOs, giving Ufology today the new synonym for science.

It is necessary; first of all,to understand how the Ufology as a science has changed .And we must also change to fit the standards of the new phenomena that have apparently arisen in the world. The Ufology must adjust to new issues of society to these phenomena. Since its emergence photographed, discuss, write, shoot and scientific evidence of how correct the most world series of possible evidence.

Today, evidence of extraterrestrial existence are available in any information systems that help rather in diffuser, so if you want to know the evidence of the Roswell case, for example, simply access the search engines and a world of options will be visible. So what must change? What is to be done for the transition to a new era of research? Perhaps the answer is given by a little known phrase: "Believe it is a comfort in thinking is an effort" [Ludwig Marcuse]. But what that means?

I mean we should treat the UFO phenomenon, as it is, alien! Think beyond what we see, touch and feel.Formulate hypotheses and ideas, even absurd to be called, followed and investigated. We live in a world where everything begins, grows, reproduces and dies. However, there may be worlds where nothing arises, which has always existed and nothing dies, there is no such need.

In fact, our universe "known" is composed of a percent of neutral and photons, 22% to 74% dark matter and dark energy. And everything that we know less than 20%. We must think and reflect on a solid, practical, but never fail to take into account the possibilities of the infinite, because it, just know. Therefore it is necessary to rethink the real elements that may render the existence of life. But in fact we know so little about the universe that this theory in the short term is to be exceeded.

The above article is written by UFO Blogger Reader : Steve Wilson: UK

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