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Obama Team Covers-up Citizen Extraterrestrial Disclosure

The Obama transition team set up a special website at http://www.change.gov and requested public input regarding priorities for Obama administration policies.

Although extraterrestrial disclosure ranked as one of the highest single public priorities, there is no public reference on the Obama White House website to extraterrestrial disclosure, in violation of the Obama transition team’s public rules of engagement. The http://www.change.gov website has been discontinued, and researchers are referred to http://www.whitehouse.gov for information on citizen input into Obama administration public policies.

Obama White House obeys 1953 CIA ban on extraterrestrial disclosure

The entire citizen effort at input into White House policy that took place during the Obama transition period with regard to extraterrestrial disclosure has for functional purposes been disregarded and covered up, as evidenced by the public policy agenda laid out on the Obama White House website. The 1953 Robertson Panel policy is continuing in force, and there is no immediate change in U.S. policy towards extraterrestrial disclosure.

Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner Dr. Michael Salla has provided insights into the valuable potential for release of anti-gravitic technology by centralization of energy issues under the Obama's Administration's National Security Council. The release of anti-gravitic technology into the civilian market place will begin to erode the monopoly of petroleum and nuclear power, which now provide 90% of energy needs.If the National Security Council chooses to continue the 1953 Robertson Panel policy of banning the extraterrestrial public policy issue (as the White House website has already done), then the centralization of energy and other issues in the National Security Council is not a good development for extraterrestrial disclosure, whatever its impact on energy policy might be.

The cover-up of important civilian input in the transition phase of Obama administration priorities does not bode well for overturning the pernicious mandate of the CIA 1953 Robertson Panel. By continuing the cover-up at the White House level of the issue of the extraterrestrial presence as a legitimate subject of discourse, the Obama administration has sent a powerful signal to the war economy that it will continue the policy of an extraterrestrial embargo, support the information war against ethical extraterrestrials, and support the planned colonization of inhabited planets such as Mars  source
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