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Physicist offers scientific proof that crop circles are formed by UFO'S

Physicist offers scientific proof that crop circles are formed by UFO'S

In the down below video the producers of video documentary interviewed physicist Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff of the Netherlands. Dr. Haselhoff offers scientific proof that at least some crop circles are indeed formed by balls of light/UFO'S. His research and evidence was even accepted after peer review for the Internationally recognized scientific journal, Physiologia Plantarum.

He showed that the crop circles he examined had been made by electromagnetic point-sources. An example of an electromagnetic point-source is a light bulb. Dr. Haselhoff made his discovery by examining the anomalies he found in the nodes of the crop circle plants. When he measured the nodes of all the samples he had taken, he found that the nodes in the centre of the circles had elongated tremendously. The nodes of the plants that had grown at the perimeter of the circles, did show elongation, but not quite as much as the ones he had found in the centres. Dr Haselhoff developed a software programme to have his computer measure the nodes once more (thus excluding the possibility of human errors) and had his computer carry out many hundreds of measurements.

In the first row you see the anomalous node length in the crop circle. In the second row you see where Dr. Haselhoff take his samples.The red bars in the diagrams show normal, natural growth differences that may occur. It is quite clear that the crop circle differences are so extreme (yellow bars), that this cannot be attributed to normal growth difference...

Dr. Haselhoff then compared the distribution of node lengthening (strongest in the crop circle centre, less and less towards the perimeter) with all possible energy distribution patterns known in physics. He discovered a 100% match with the energy distribution of an electromagnetic point-source. This is for instance a light bulb. When you hang a light bulb above the ground, you will also see a (light) distribution that is strongest directly below the bulb (to be compared with the crop circle centre) and which becomes fainter and fainter as you measure towards the edge of the light.

A 100% match is very rare in science. Therefore the following conclusion could safely be drawn: the examined crop circles had been made by electromagnetic point-sources (balls of light) hanging above the ground at a height of 4.1 meters at the time the crop went down.

Dr. Haselhoff sent his findings to Physiologia Plantarum. His work was 'peer-reviewed' (checked by other scientists), accepted and published in October 2000. With this publication and thus acceptance by the scientific world, one can say that the current state of affairs if as follows: Crop circles are not made by man, but by electromagnetic point-sources of unknown origin.

This fact stands until the opposite is proven scientifically!

Note :
We wanted to let you know that the film of the balls of light may not be a hoax(As many debunker claimed) and Youtube have completely deleted this video from their website - Here is the proof

There is a lot of disinformation put out by various governments - who will immediately discredit crop circles and videos such as this.

Read this article to get an idea of what we mean.

The fact is the videographer (who came forward and is not anonymous) never said his video was a fake (though fake versions have not shown up on the net afterwards).

It's really amazing how easy and quick it is to discredit footage such as this. All it takes is for one person to say "this was proven to be a hoax" to completely discredit the footage. source
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