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Russian HAARP?

According to the internet (as one must say today) there are voices that say that soviet union have or had similar projects. there where treaties that tried to avoid the use of weapons that could alter weather as well as produce forces that can lead to earthquakes (20 years ago). however, why shouldn't one belief that there are powerful toys like these, if there even are treaties and even the eu-parliament is interested in the function of HAARP you'll find this on official eu-sites.

One of our reader sent this video which contains picture from Russia +55° 55' 26.15", +36° 49' 10.97" location.

They are several gigantic Tesla coil towers or high-voltage pulse generators.

The purpose of them is still not quite clear. One possible explanation is that they are used to study the behavior of equipment under powerful electromagnetic radiation comparable to that of a nuclear explosion.

Another theory is that the All-Russian ElectroTechnical Institute's "high-voltage scientific research center" is creating their own version of HAARP

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