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Italian alien abducted woman interviewed about her fetus autopsy

Italian alien abducted woman interviewed about her fetus autopsy

One of the Italian TV channel two days ago interviewed a woman who affirm she had 18 artificial alien insemination's done by what we know as Grey, but it seems that the last one was done by another race who she say they told here they are at war with this one was aborted.

The interview is really interesting, she know a lot of details about those aliens, as it seems it now years they abduct her, and she came to know why they do it, also she has many video that have been done in various time after the abduction.

This is part 2 where after the abortion they try to see what is inside what look like placenta. That video is a bit strong so be prepared..

English translation :


Giovanna’s story has generated a great debate. I have received hundreds of e-mails from people claiming to have had similar experiences who have decided to come clean. Hundreds of people writing to one person saying that they have been abducted by aliens is data that is quite alarming. I spoke to a journalist, ufologist, an expert of mysterious events, Pablo Ayo. Let us now take a look at some of the most significant claims made by Giovanna.

“I was taken abroad a flying saucer, I was laid out on a metal bed”. And you have some body marks from that event. “Yes, I have body marks from the event”. And you also said something about a florescent substance……”Yes the substance that was on my body comes from their “Epidermie (don’t know the English word for this) that they use to manipulate our body. “They say that they use it as a disinfectant in order not to contaminate us or to get contaminated themselves”. “Because they received a lot of irradiation as a direct result of visiting various different planets. Listen, why do they have a need for your tissue? “ Mine and others like me are a race that is bio-compatible”. “We are the only race that is bio-compatible”. “Genetically speaking we are the closest species that is similar to theirs”. “We can help them reproduce and re-create a whole race”.

You remained pregnant right? “Yes, I had 18 “pregnancy”. (I assume it’s a sort of a forced abortion). “During the second month they come and they take the fetus away”. And then what happens? You don’t feel pregnant anymore? (I’m having trouble hearing this part. Apparently she says that they come and take her milk from her breast. I don’t know how a woman can have milk at that time but whatever).

So we have a story that is similar to many others but this one is told in a precise manner and backed with some evidence. You have just heard Giovanna’s story.

Pablo: Yes Giovanna’s case is a little particular because some elements of her case are classic, the aspect of her strange fetus has been seen very rarely. There’s been cases of women who have found to have a very strange fetus inside them and then they would faint at the sight of the fetus and once they awoke the fetus was gone. The fact that she was able to keep hers is very interesting.

Let’s take a look at the picture.

“This is a classic depiction of a gray alien with their classic height, eyes, head and the classic circumstances of them coming into a room and abducting people. But this is not the only kind that goes around abducting people. There are also humanoids which is a race very similar to ours which could be mistaken for human. But 80% of cases are the grays which give a certain coldness and in fact Giovanna says that they have no morals. They don’t have any good or any bad in them apparently. There was a colonel who wrote a book who back in the 60’s worked on the Roswell case and he said that these types are artificial and a robot-like. They were invented to be able to travel long distances”. Why do they need us? “All the abductees were told telepathically that they don’t have a way of reproducing. An ex secret service agent claimed to have been told by the grays that the humans have a DNA that is compatible with all the alien races out there. Our anti-bodies cure the aliens of various illnesses.

We have convinced Giovanna to give us a clip of her aborted fetus .

All the photo shown in the video about UFO and the aliens are taken by her.

Here is the second part translated.

After last week’s testimony a new chapter in the story of Giovanna has emerged, the woman who claims to have been abducted by aliens, the integral unedited clip of the aborted hybrid fetus.

Bald guy: Let’s go back to Giovanna’s story who has asked me to read these few lines: My story has generated a lot of discussion, especially on the internet. Many people believed me and many didn’t. I just wanna say that the fact that I spoke up wasn’t to make me famous but rather because after many years I just had to do it. I had to tell my story in order to help others that like me live certain experience in silence and in fear. The grays are a race that unlike us has no feelings. This explains this cynicism of their actions. They can’t feel neither love nor hate and when they impregnate me they do it artificially and not sexually. Even if they are technologically advanced the sole fact that we are human beings makes us superior to them.

Bald guy: Of the evidence that Giovanna has procured there is one that is of particular interest.

Pablo: Yes, this substance has been found all around Giovanna’s residence. In her apartment and in the burned grass around her house. This has been analyzed and it becomes very florescent so it must contain phosphorous. But it doesn’t. it’s been analyzed in an institute in Bologna and the powder doesn’t contain any substances that are reflecting in nature. It has a very particular structure. The electrons of this powder have been so to say excited or modified by a very strong magnetic field. Nothing that Giovanna might have. These things aren’t found in houses.

I think it’s time to see the clip:

They go into some pretty scientific wording that I, although understand it, am not able to translate. He says that at the bottom are the legs and in up high is the head. Obviously seeing it like this it has animalistic characters he says. It has happened that women have given birth to things of this nature however. The women always end up throwing it away after discovering the horror of giving birth to something non-human. “This video could be real or it could be an animal. It would take a pathologist to analyze the video and a DNA analysis to be certain”.

They’re saying that the person doing the autopsy is Giovanna’s partner. They’re seeking to understand more. “It’s difficult to say for certain if the video is fake”.

Last two video have already been deleted from Youtube ..

Summery of all four parts :

What we writing here is the sum of the concept Giovanna say to the host on the various videos I found about the interview.

So she say, she was 4 year old when they started to abduct her for study, later on when she was older they started to artificially inseminate her, she had 18 births in all these years. She say they take the fetus out after 2 months and continue the grow themselves.

Asked how they do it, she answer they just come down cloaked in these ships then they send a ray and she lose conscious, sometime they come in the house as well.

She say when she was young his father used to be upset at her because she was missing in plain night for hours at time, and he had thought she was out with friends, when in fact she was abducted, usually abduction lasted around 3-5 hours.

Asked about these aliens she answer, they are a race that cannot reproduce itself anymore due to genetic problems they are here because we are the most compatible race, in fact the only race they know of that are compatible with them, because we have in ourselves many alien different DNA parts. Some of which are compatible with their, we are the only chance for them to not go extinct.

They are preparing a Hybrid human race , in one of the video she say something a bit disturbing "we have only 2 year left" she not comment more about this.

Asked about where they are she said they are here, they come from far away and they are not going away, they have bases both on the earth on the moon and probably other planets.

Then she show the TAC about his brain, which show an implant in the center of his brain, she say they placed this metallic capsule in his brain with an instrument from his nose, she show also other photo taken by her and a friend after one of the abduction, which show signs of surgery, and the white substance they use when they touch her.

Asked what this substance is, she say they told her is to protect bot her and them from contact each other, she say also; they inject virus in humans that for them are lethal and for us are not so they come back later take the blood from the abducted victim and process it to take out the anticorps that humans can make and use that to cure themselves.

Ah, last thing, she said 2 race are at war when asked more about it, she said I cant comment about it, I fear I cant talk about this, we have only 2 year left...

Translation credits : GONG

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