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I Know What I Saw 2009

I Know What I Saw 2009

UFO researcher James Fox maker of film "Beyond The Blue". Latest Documentary : "I know what i saw" is finally making it to UFO Blogger. For better quality please click on HQ button on video player.

UFO Blogger Reader comment :

It took someone like James Fox to finally do justice to the UFO documentary, using what he said, was "the best evidence", and it was. It would seem his strongest pitch came from former Gov Fife Symington, AZ, who admitted he saw a very large ufo in '97; and his PR show the first time, was due to the local hysteria the sigting created. Although, old and quiet, in terms of revealed history, the Gen. Twining memo, '52, identified the reality of the ufo phenomena, and Harry S. Truman, former President, clearly indicated the reality of ufo's, and how difficult it was to get information from the "new" US Air Force.

Now, it would seem, the next serious documentary could be broken down into segments with deeper coverage. It's time Leon Podesta, former lawyer for Dr Greer's Disclosure Project, get with Rohm Emmanual, President's Chief of Staff, and hammer out a disclosure statement, like many other countries have done.
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