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Free Energy Magnet Motor Demonstrated at Delft University, Netherlands

Challenge the future ...Yes that what Turkish inventor, Muammer Yildiz, did as recently he demonstrated his magnet motor that he alleged runs on the power of magnets alone at a Delft University in the Netherlands. The motor is shown turning a fan at a high speed, and no wires can be seen going to the device; then the device is disassembled in front of the group.

His invention is a system that starts working via the motion of alternator. There exist two accumulators (1), and the first motion provided by the accumulator is carried to the regulator. Contractor (6) keeps the starter dynamo working by disconnecting the accumulator (1) once the regulator (2) is put in.

The voltage coming from the accumulator (1) passes through the regulator and the start dynamo (3/1) starts working and thus the feedback alternators via the gears ( 4/1-2 – 5/1-23-3 ). Feedback dynamo starts sending pure DC current to regulator via shunt (12), capacitor (14) and diode (13).

It connects all the current that reaches to the regulator in 4 seconds and sends to the contactor (6). Accumulator (1) is put out by this current that reaches to the regulator. This current is transformed to the started dynamo (3/1). There becomes a transformation within the system. In case of electricity shortage, it keeps on working by using the current generated by the commitatris (7/1).

Via the starter dynamo (3/1), DC is generated in the alternators which are connected to the gears and this current is transformed to the commitatris (7/1-2) and DC voltage is generated at commitatris (7/1-2).

Second System

3 x 24 DC voltage is transformed to the second starter dynamo (22). Once the start dynamo works (22), a feedback dynamo (23) having a pulley system and a feedback dynamo (24) generating alternative current starts working. The feedback dynamo (23) starts feeding back; the feedback dynamo (24) which generates AC is independently generating 6 KV, 18 Amp, 50 Hz current. Moreover, first system produces 24 DC and 580 DC current on its own.

The bigger the gears are, the more current is generated.This system, which is subject to our invention, can be used at any place. You can use it at places where there exists no electricity, or at places such as villages, cities, buildings, greenhouses where there is not network. Moreover, network is no more a must. Instead of a network, you can use our system. There is no need for gasoline when this system is used in vehicles. Source

Down below is Muammer Yildiz patent application with European Patent Office regarding Electromagnetic Motor.

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