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Alien Laser Signal Gliese Coming From A Habitable Planet, Star System‎

Last year we had reported that Ragbir Bhathal an award winning author and astrophysicist, who carries out research in Australian science studies, physics and astronomy at the University of Western Sydney Macarthur.

Had discovered a Alien Laser Signal coming from Gliese 581 star system planet Gliese 581 E in December 2008 . Gliese 581 E alien laser signal is now know as "Ragbir Bhathal Gliese Alien Signal".

In latest development yesterday NASA scientist told the world that they have found an habitable Earth-size planet Gliese 581 G which is orbiting a nearby star Gliese 581 at a distance that would makes it not too hot and not too cold — comfortable enough for life to exist, and life cloud already been there.

Interestingly Gliese 581E and Gliese 581G both share same Gliese 581 star system.

Gliese 581

Gliese 581 is a red dwarf star with spectral type M3V, located 20.3 light years away from Earth in the constellation Libra. Its estimated mass is about a third of that of the Sun, and it is the 87th closest known star system to the Sun. Observations suggest that the star has at least six planets: Gliese 581 e, b, c, g, d and f. Significantly, planet g is thought to be close to the middle of the star's habitable zone,although it is expected to be tidally locked.

The star system first gained attention after Gliese 581 c, the first low mass extrasolar planet found to be near its star's habitable zone, was discovered in April 2007. It has since been shown that under known terrestrial planet climate models, Gliese 581 c is likely to have a runaway greenhouse effect, somewhat like Venus, and hence is probably not habitable. A subsequently discovered planet Gliese 581 d, somewhat like Mars, may be just inside or just outside the outer boundary of the habitable zone (depending in part on the greenhouse properties of its atmosphere).The discovery of exoplanet Gliese 581 e,at that time the closest-known in mass to Earth, was announced in April 2009. Excitement has again spiked yesterday with the discovery of Gliese 581 g, believed to be the most "Earth-like" planet discovered to date.

Down below is Ragbir Bhathal latest 2010 interview which was conducted by VBS.TV Royce Akers and Alex Dunbar.

Can you tell us the details surrounding your December findings?

Oh OK, whenever there’s a clear night, I go up to the observatory and do a run on some of the celestial objects. Looking at one of these objects, we found this signal. And you know, I got really excited with it. So next I had to analyze it. We have special software to analysis these signals, because when you look at celestial objects through the equipment we have, you also pick up a lot of noise.

Because they’re very powerful?

Yeah, that’s right. So the signal is inside the noise. What you have to do is use another program to extract that signal out of that noise. Well, after we did that, we found this very sharp signal, sort of a laser lookalike thing which is the sort of thing we’re looking for—a very sharp spike. And that is what we found. So that was the excitement about the whole thing.

Great! So you discovered E.T.I.

Well, the problem is with physics, to make a claim that you found something you have to then reproduce it again and again. That was the problem that stumped us. We went back to the same position and we still haven’t found it.

So what I did then was get all my data and I gave it to another chap who does what we call signal processing. You know, give it to someone else to take a fresh look at the whole thing and tell me whether there is a signal there or not. So he did that, and he came back and said that there is a signal there. It’s confirmed, there is a signal there. But the problem is, what is that signal, you see? And that is the problem we have now. We need to search some more space.

And how exactly do you do that?

Well, when you search for E.T, you automatically make a lot of assumptions. The chaps (the original S.E.T.I scientists) who were doing the radio wave technology believed that, if there were an E.T.I, then they would be sending signals on the radio wave. Well, they’ve been looking for that for the last 45 years now and nothing’s appeared. Well, except for the one at University of Ohio. But again they found the signal but they never could get it back again. There was no repeat signal and therefore they could not figure out what it was. They looked in the same place again and again and they couldn’t find it.

I wrote a paper in an international journal that said look, if there are E.T. out there, they are probably much more advanced than us. And on planet Earth today, most of the telecommunications companies are going into fiber optics and lasers, you see. So I suggested that if these E.T.I. are more advanced than us, then they would send the signal to us not on the radio wave because radio wave technology would be old hat to them, they would be sending messages on laser beams, you see.

Like beacons?

Yes. And the reason I say this is when you look at the theory, a laser flash from a distant planet will outshine the light from it’s own sun by about 5 or 7 orders of magnitude, depending on the type of laser they are using. So that was my idea. And on planet Earth itself, we can produce 1014 or 1012 watts of laser power, but only for a short time. So my calculation is, if there is an E.T.I. out there, they should be able to do 1025 or 1020 watts. Then it will work, you see. We have equipment which is sensitive enough to detect a laser flash from these guys if they actually send one to us.

So it’s pretty simple then?

The only problem is, will they send it every day, will they send it every month, or whatever… and that is the problem. We don’t know what the time frame is. And that’s the reason why you just have to keep looking at it. It seems ridiculous, but what do you do? If you don’t search, you don’t find. source

Continuous Disclosure

In past UFO-Blogger many time reported that, we are going through continuous disclosure about UFO extraterrestrial alien life disclosure mode from past one year.

While UN appointed Earth contact for Extraterrestrials and Lockheed Skunk Works director had already confessed about Extraterrestrial UFO visitors and the U.S. Military travel among stars.
Even last week British media reported about Vatican astronomer statement in which he had said "He would Baptise an Extraterrestrial, if it asked him".

In past we had told our readers how DIA remote viewers had already 'seen' Extraterrestrial on Saturn moon Titan according to CIA documents.

Now main stream media also start reporting UFO extraterrestrial alien life possibilities in more responsible manner. This week scheduled National Press Club press conference about how U.S. Nuclear weapons have been compromised by UFO by US Ex-Military missile launch officers is also getting good coverage in media as well.

New York Times best-seller " UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record" which is currently 30 and rising on the New York Times best-seller list for very good reason, writer of the book Leslie Kean's was also interviewed extensively in past one month which showed change in perception of MSM regarding UFO Extraterrestrial Disclosure.
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