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The Event NBC TV Series Is Funded By US Government

Previously we have reported that The Event NBC latest TV series is all about educating masses about UFO Extraterrestrial disclosure.

Now in latest development according to David Wilcock from "I am fortunate enough to be able to call upon a series of insiders, with high-level access to various secret projects, for information on The Event NBC TV series."

I got detailed briefings from my top guys about what the heck is going on with "The Event" -- and what it really means.

One of them really surprised me by saying, flatly, "I know for a fact that 60 percent of the budget for "The Event" was funded by Uncle Sam [i.e. some aspect of the US government, probably the Pentagon.] They've also funded that television show 'V', as well as Battlestar Galactica. Those are three I know for sure."

"What's the point?" I asked. "Why are they doing this?"

"They're trying to tell the truth," he answered. "With a bit of spin, of course."

Fulford has gone on record saying up to 75 percent of the budgets of various warlike 'action' and sci-fi movies, particularly those with an anti-extraterrestrial agenda, are financed by the Pentagon.

In the last few months, things have gotten really wonderful for the Disclosure crowd -- to the point where I don't even have enough time to try to track and write about all of it, while juggling my other responsibilities. This includes:

Multiple, blatant UFO sightings, some of which shut down entire airports in China[Xiaoshan and Baotou Airport] and US ;

Major press conferences with multiple eyewitnesses announcing that nuclear missile installations have been powered down by 'flying saucers' which otherwise were not aggressive, and may in fact have our best interests in mind;

A huge number of "life is highly abundant in the universe" scientific articles;

A raft of movies and television shows either already released or in production, which are dealing with the subject -- both from the present day as well as "Ancient Aliens" who happened to enjoy building massive stone structures.
This is definitely not 'smoke and mirrors.' This is a clear, deliberate and concerted effort. And it's building up to something.

Bearing that in mind, read this:

Do you enjoy movies about alien invasions? Great news, then: There is a ridiculous number of upcoming movies alien invasions!

That includes :
  1. Skies - Steven Spielberg alien invasion
  2. Super 8 - secret Spielberg-indebted JJ Abrams alien invasion
  3. Battle: Los Angeles - Pro–U.S. Military alien invasion
  4. I Am Number Four - James Frey YA alien invasion
  5. Cowboys and Aliens - period-piece alien invasion
  6. Monsters - Alien invasion
  7. Skyline - Human-tornado alien invasion
  8. Men in Black III - Franchised alien invasion
  9. The Thing - Prequel alien invasion
  10. Battleship - Childhood-toy alien invasion
  11. Iron Sky - Dark-side-of-the-moon Nazis alien invasion
David said : Will this new surge of alien-invasion projects be met with boffo box-office tallies and ratings? We have no idea! Will this new surge of alien invasion projects be met with oodles of theories by pop-culture "experts" purporting to explain the sociological reasons behind the new surge of alien-invasion projects? Absolutely!

I guess according to this writer, I would be one of those "pop-culture 'experts'" -- but if this much money is being spent on a single theme, there's obviously something going on.

Like I said before, we know from Dr. Carol Rosin's testimony at the Disclosure Project event in 2001 that Wernher von Braun, the Nazi father of NASA's rocketry program, said a fake alien invasion would be the final stage of a plan for global control by the insiders.

UFO-Blogger earlier this month have reported about how Planetary Defense Coordination Office proposed to fight Asteroids and Comets by Space Weaponization.

David added : If you just kill someone spontaneously, out of nowhere, there's no fear. The art of creating fear is in the telegraphing of the blow, so that the person increasingly anticipates something bad that is about to happen.

Most of these movies and TV shows have a negative 'spin' attached to them. Again, though, that doesn't mean any such plans to fake an invasion will ever be permitted.

What actually will end up happening is the public finally learns the truth -- without the major disasters that were planned to go along with it.

The ultimate reversal. Everything the elite didn't want, and nothing they did.

David Wilcock
Owner of
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