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UFO News : New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sightings Video

Update: New Years Eve 2012 UFO Sightings Videos

New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sighting Laguna, Philippines

While watching the fireworks on New Year's Eve at our house in Laguna Philippines, a strange orange ball in the sky caught our attention. We thought it was a Chinese lantern at first, but it's strange movements refute this idea. The exact shape of the object cannot be determined, it was globe/ball shaped with an iridescent orange glow. It was flying vertically and slowly, which means this cannot be a plane.

There's even a time it went still for a minute and then creep slowly up into the sky until it's orange glow cannot be seen anymore (our guess is that it exited the earth's atmosphere).

We googled about this strange event and we were pleasantly surprised that this strange sighting is often seen during new year's eve around the world.

Nobody can exactly tell what we've seen, but we consider ourselves lucky in witnessing this strange and amazing event.

New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sighting Over QC, Philippines

An unidentified flying object (top left light) appears and disappears in the sky while watching fireworks in White Plains, QC Philippines

Mt. View Hawaii New Years Eve 2011.

UFO or strange slow lights going across the night sky. It was dark so all you could see was the lights... Wow. Epic sighting. This is my first Unidentified Flying Object. What a trip! It looked just red fiery ball in the sky but when i uploaded it on my video program it was blinking colors. it was really dark so all u can see is the light.

New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sighting Over Australia

UFO footage from new years eve 2011...This is the first of a series of videos I shot with my new fujifilm camera! Although the images are not that great Im happy with the outcome.

At this point the UFO was dipping beyond a hill maybe 10km away, this was the first pass and the second and third passes were much closer!! These second and third videos will be posted after this one!!

Please forgive my ramblings as I was struggling with the autofocus, lens flare from the streetlights and just general inexperience filming the night sky (its not easy)!

Video - 1

Video - 2

The second of the UFO videos from new years this one was closer but I was struggling to keep the camera steady...The third video is much clearer but again Im just happy to have finally posted my first UFO videos after seeing so many (over 100 now) !! Thanks everyone and stay tuned for more!


The third and easily the best of the videos from new years eve 2011....I couldnt believe my luck!! I had just filmed a UFO make two passes to the east of newcastle and then this was coming straight over my head from north to south!!

If I can get a hold of a program to get rid of the shake there may be more of the pulsing that will show up but yeah, just happy to have got one on film!! Oh yeah, the other thing was that it gave me a good display as it faded out and I kind of dropped the ball at the end, I mean it was probably only about a kilometer or two above me and I got kind of excited and missed it fading out...I will do better next time!

New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sighting Over Las Vegas Boulevard New Years Party

Minutes after the New Years countdown for 2011 we looked up in the sky and we saw a bunch of UFO's flying and lighting up to a very bright white color that you are about to see.. You can see a weird sort of interference at the same spot the ufo is at...This was about a minute after we saw a bunch of them and thought to video tape... As you can see it makes fast movements and right before it flys off it gets very bright...

New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sighting Over Lincoln UK

UFO's coming over Lincoln UK New Years day morning - not fireworks or anything like that - lots came over traveling in the same direction out towards the east coast at a estimated height of 30,0000 ft.

They were silent and didn't make any engine sound and were all in some sort of formation,
Make you own mind up!

New Years Eve 2011 UFO Sighting Over Seminole, Florida

UFO's moving quickly over Seminole, Florida on New Year's Eve 2011!!! Saw them in the Northern Sky. Multiple sightings throughout the world!!!
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