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Indonesian Air Force Orders Probe Into Crop Circle Formation Formed By UFO

Air Force orders probe into crop circle formation in Krasakan, Jogotirto Village, District Berbah, Sleman, Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta - Indonesian Air Force chief Marshall Imam Sufaat on Monday instructed his staff to use a helicopter to take aerial photographs of crop circles discovered on Sunday.

Crop circle was formed in the rice water paddy field in Krasakan, Jogotirto Village, District Berbah, Sleman, Yogyakarta on 23rd January, 2011. The circle had a diameter of about 25-30 meters residents are alleging it was created by UFO.

Rice field located in the village street was like a beautiful work of art. There is no trace of damage in rice crop around the circle. The circle that was formed from the plants are still green rice. Wind can't cause because the shape is very neat and for animals it also impossible.

Marshall Imam Sufaat said : "If we examine the photographs, we will possibility see if the patterns were in fact created with powers beyond human knowledge," Imam said as quoted by, on the sidelines of the Air Force commander meeting in Yogyakarta."

Imam, however, declined to comment further on the geometric pattern.

In above image Indonesian government personals are investigating the crop circle.

The crop circles are in a paddy field and resemble a geometric artwork, while the other parts of the field remain untouched.

The patterns were first reported by a farmer, Tukiman, on Sunday at 6 a.m.

As seen from the hill Suru Tempo in a distance of 200 meters from the circle, looking like a UFO shape.

Sleman Police Chief Adjunct Commissioner Irwan Ramaini not sure whether its created by UFO or other natural phenomena. What is certain is that great circle tracks are still being investigated scientifically. "We can not ensure that traces of what could be a natural phenomenon or something else," he said.

According to UFO Indonesian Community or UFONESIA on his Twitter account UFONESIA, crop circles that characterized the original rod bent and not broken just because the object of providing an intense explosion.

Based on observations UFO trail in Sleman, genuine possibility, because the rice stems are not damaged and only bowed.

To prove the genuine crop circles or not, they takes the data in the field and advanced research in the laboratory. If these plants prove to be defective then it is a human act.

"This particular crop circle is fascinating because of its striking resemblance to the muladhara chakra -- one of the basic chakras in Tantric Hinduism."

The pattern has already drawn thousands of locals and people from outside Yogyakarta, causing traffic jams in the vicinity.

Update : quoted a Rejosari villager named Basori as saying that he had heard a strange noise like that of a helicopter on Saturday at 10.30 PM West Indonesia Time landing on a rice field near his house.

Basori, whose house was located on the northern part of the crop circle-marked rice field said he heard the flying object’s sound for thirty minutes.

"The sound was heard for thirty minutes but at the moment I didn’t think much of it I thought it was only the sound of a passing helicopter," said the 41-year-old Basori.

The man’s confession was confirmed by Ayu Rukini, 32. "I also heard the sound. At the time, I and my husband were wathing TV. I thought it was an air force helicopter on a training flight," said Basori’s wife.

The crop circle at the rice field that certain people in the world frequently associated with UFOs was first observed by Yudi, 20. Yudi was quoted by as saying that he first saw the crop circle when passing the rice field on his way to work on Sunday at 05.00 AM local time.

"When passing the rice field, I saw the paddies fall down but they formed a neat, orderly pattern," he said adding that he had not heard the sound Basori and his wife, Ayu Rukini, had claimed on Saturday night.

Yudi said he sat near Basori’s house from Saturday evening to early Sunday at 03.00 AM but he heard nothing. "During the night, there was no rainfall... But on Sunday morning, there was this pattern (crop circle) in the middle of the rice field," Yudi said.

This crop circle could clearly be seen from the peak of a hill on the northern part of the rice field. Locals called the hill "Mount Suru", he said. Tens of people who were eager to see the unprecedented phenomenon climbed the slippery hill, including Syamsul Bahri, 37.

Indonesia Crop Circle in news :

Inside the Crop Circle :

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Crop Circle decoded by decoder H.K.D

Original article written in Chinese by the decoder H.K.D. on 25 January 2011 Translator: Derek Chow - Source

Update : Another Crop Circle discovered In Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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