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Film Battle: Los Angeles 2011 - Preemptive Propaganda Against Real Extraterrestrial Disclosure

The upcoming film Battle : Los Angeles 2011 is of course, fictional and full of Pro–U.S. Military alien invasion propaganda ! And those who are calling ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ takes its cue from an actual event are spreading disinformation.

Battle: Los Angeles 2011, the film, will opens on March 11th, 2011. Battle: Los Angeles, the film, seeks to explore what the real world consequences of, and military response to, an actual alien-invasion on our shores would be.

But “real world” Battle of Los Angeles, also known as “The Great Los Angeles Air Raid,” took place when late-night February 24th/early morning February 25th, 1942 several unidentified objects were sighted hovering over the Los Angeles coastline.

Down below is actual image of Battle of Los Angeles, showing 37th Coast Artillery Brigade firing at UFO:

In the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, and less than three months into the United States’ entry into WWII, people were understandably shaken, and assumed that they were, once again, under threat of enemy fire.

Air raid sirens were sounded, and a total blackout was ordered. At 3:16 am, the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade began firing 12.8-pound antiaircraft shells at the objects – more than 1,400 shells were fired over the next 58 minutes as the objects moved south, from Santa Monica to Long Beach.

Not one artillery shell could hit the craft – out of all the hundreds of shells that were fired. People outside that night swore that it was neither a plane nor a balloon – it was a UFO and had never showed any kind of retaliation against Coast Artillery Brigade.

Space weaponization and Fake alien invasion:

Interestingly in movie meteors are splashing into the world's oceans, the cable news folks tell public, But they're not telling us what the military knows: Those meteors are the first wave of an alien attack.

We know from Dr. Carol Rosin's testimony at the Disclosure Project event in 2001 that Wernher von Braun, the Nazi father of NASA's rocketry program, said a fake alien invasion would be the final stage of a plan for global control by the insiders.

UFO-Blogger had previously reported about how Planetary Defense Coordination Office proposed to fight Asteroids and Comets by Space Weaponization read it all

Pentagon Finance Pro - U.S. Military alien invasion propaganda films on regular bases:

According to David Wilcock from "Will this new surge of alien-invasion projects be met with boffo box-office tallies and ratings? We have no idea! "

Will this new surge of alien invasion projects be met with oodles of theories by pop-culture "experts" purporting to explain the sociological reasons behind the new surge of alien-invasion projects? Absolutely!"

He added : If you just kill someone spontaneously, out of nowhere, there's no fear. The art of creating fear is in the telegraphing of the blow, so that the person increasingly anticipates something bad that is about to happen.

Most of these movies and TV shows ( ABC V ) have a negative 'spin' attached to them. Again, though, that doesn't mean any such plans to fake an invasion will ever be permitted.

We must not forget, Benjamin Fulford has gone on record saying up to 75 percent of the budgets of various warlike 'action' and sci-fi movies, particularly those with an anti-extraterrestrial agenda, are financed by the Pentagon.

What actually will end up happening is the public finally learns the truth -- without the major disasters that were planned to go along with it.

The ultimate reversal. Everything the elite didn't want, and nothing they did.

We believe the latest movie Battle of Los Angeles is clearly a preemptive propaganda against real Extraterrestrial Disclosure.
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