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U.S Federal Reserve Admits: Lost 9 TRILLION Dollars And Have No GOLD

Update: Facebook censored the article, particularly in U.S. by deleting comments, wall posts and even forcing its user to enter security text code prior to posting the article link on their wall

How much longer will the people take this secretive not willing to give a straight answer banking system that has created the economic crisis just to further its own agenda, of which the ultimate goal is the complete and total control over the earth, its resources, the people, and ALL their fruits of labor, until the end of time.

Many of us have known for a long time there is no gold and they stole it all decades ago. However now we have the proof as Federal Reserve Attorney Scott Alvarez admits to Ron Paul Current head of the House banking and finance committee in the following video. Also Rep Walter Jones is pathetically trying to garner sympathy for the poor Federal Reserve crying that the distrust by the American people is horrendous. We wonder how this cowardly lap dog of the banksters can sleep at night in such a pathetic state...

Perhaps and we hope we are approaching the point of critical mass. We know Ron Paul has been trying for decades to do a physical or visual audit of Fort Knox to see how much gold is in there and they will not let him...

This also is a play on words as the Gold is supposed to be the American peoples (in most peoples minds) However it has not been since 1934. So the BS on how the US Treasury has the gold is just a ruse. We need to demand they prove it... 

When you analyze Money it comes down to Violence ."Respect our money or we will kill you." 

And thats why Gaddafi was targeted as he tried to change currency to GOLD and U.S don't have any GOLD.

We are printing worthless paper Money, the gold has been moved to another location, America is going to fall hard, harder than anything written in history. Good luck everyone and take care of your family.

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan admits that The Federal Reserve is a private corporation that can't be controlled by The U.S. Government:

Down below video became interesting to us simply because of the fact it was announced 1 day prior to the September 11th terrorist attacks in the U.S. Why has there been no mention of the massive amount of the taxpayers money gone missing?

It is almost as though after the 9/11 tragedy it was forgotten. We don't know about the other citizens of the United States but we would like to know where 2.3 TRILLION dollars has gone. We believe when we as taxpayers give our hard earnings to the government is it not their responsibility to explain where the money is being spent?

Was this case forgotten? If so, WHY? We would like to know where this money has gone. Wouldn't you?
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