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Mars Water: Nasa Reports First Evidence Of Flowing Water On Mars

We are going through continuous disclosure from past three year, Back in 2008 UFO-Blogger informed our readers that White House was briefed to announce " potential for life" on mars

And in last three year NASA and Indian space agency told world that Mars, Earth Moon got water and that alien life exists on Saturn's moon'.

Recently NASA had informed the world that Habitable Planet GLIESE 581 G could have Extraterritorial life as well.

And now in latest development, NASA scientists announced on Thursday that they had found the first evidence of flowing water on Mars.

If confirmed, the evidence gathered by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter would be the first discovery of active liquid water in the ground on the red planet.

"We have found repeated and predictable evidence suggesting water flowing on Mars," Michael Meyer, lead scientist for the Mars Exploration program, told reporters.

The US space agency said the orbiter circling Mars since 2006 had monitored numerous instances of what appeared to be water flows occurring in several locations during the Martian spring and summer.

Time-sequence imagery of the Newton crater in the southern mid-latitude region showed finger-like markings spreading along several steep slopes and then fading again once colder temperatures move in.

"The best explanation we have for these observations so far is flow of briny water, although this study does not prove that," said Alfred McEwen of the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.

"It's a mystery now, but I think it's a solvable mystery with further observations and experiments," said McEwen, lead author of a study explaining the findings in the journal Science.

Nasa experts are still not sure if what they have witnessed is actually water flowing on Mars, where no liquid water has been found to date.

"By comparison with Earth, it's hard to imagine they are formed by anything other than fluid seeping down slopes," said Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter project scientist Richard Zurek of Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

"The question is whether this is happening on Mars and, if so, why just in these particular places."

McEwen, principal investigator for the orbiter's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) that captured the images, said the orbiter recorded "thousands" of the flows over the past three years at seven locations.

It had identified 20 other possible sites of similar flows, he said.

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