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13 Feet Tall Alien Makes Big News In Italy

Illustration Credit : sulletraccedelmistero.it
Google Translated article:

The news of a approx 13 Feet high ET walking along the road in Italy is making big news in Italy.Eyewitness Leonard D'Andrea, on February 11 at 22:30 was driving his car when, while visiting the Napoleon of the new roundabout at Mortegliano, was forced to stop.

He said : "I noticed the cars stopped, I queued - says D'Andrea - I thought at the time of an accident. But when I fell, I noticed that there were three cars in front of a strange creature that walked along the road. It was about 4 meters / 13 Feet  high and was silent. "

D'Andrea wanted to tell his father about what he was witnessing, but the phone was not working. Nobody could neither call for help, or take pictures of the creature.

He added : I took the torch and lit the gray creature, noting that her legs were slightly bent forward with the back formed by a sort of very large tendons. "While illuminated, i noted that the head had a round shape and ending in a conical shape.

This creature "walked" on the road, not caring at all the cars stopped and people - reminiscent of Andrea - In front of me was a Mazda with a family.

The mother took the two children hiding behind the seats, while two girls behind me wanted to call 113 but the phone did not go. "

Then the silhouette has fled in the direction of Lestizza, Leonard tried to follow her but without success. Other people who live in the area confirmed that they have seen something "strange".  Source

Photo Credit : sulletraccedelmistero.it
Update1: Creature Illustration and location Photo added.
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